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Thread: How is my drain connected to the skimmer?

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    How is my drain connected to the skimmer?

    I think something might be amiss. But, I'm not sure, thus the Title.

    My skimmer has 2 pipes going out the bottom. There is one of those diverter-plate thingy's (don't you just love thingy's?) and the swing piece is open.

    It always has been.

    I have never vacuumed the pool in 10 years - screened in and rely on a Polaris and hand brushing. Wouldn't know how to (vacuum).

    (But I can rebuild a Polaris blind-folded).

    There is obvious suction back to the filter through one of the pipes, the other, I would guess, goes to the drain? Used for vacuuming? Nothing is happening there that I can see.

    I have a DE with Multiport valve.

    A few weeks back, while I was replacing my Amerilite fixture (that was fun!) I took time in my scuba gear to really inspect the pool. At the main drain - it's full of sand. There is nothing visible in the drain (@ 8' below water level) but...sand down about 2" from the grate. From the deteriorating marcite. Re-finishing is on the schedule for next fall/winter.

    My question is - what is the other pipe for and, how to get the sand out of the drain (or do I need to)?

    Reason I bring this up - SLAM in May, pool's been perfect - maintain pH @ 7.5, FC @ 5 with CYA @ 30. But. I'm noticing a bit of green in the backwash last weekend, so fine-tuned pH and SLAM the pool tonight.

    Run pump 8 hours/day; Polaris 4 hours/day. New spider gasket, new multiport valve top.

    Did I not get all the algae out on the first slam? Gunk off the screens from 2 recent down pours (2"+ each)? Not getting the "right" circulation because of the main drain?

    Not up on how the plumbing should work, that's why posted here. Moderator, please move if in the wrong place.

    Thanks, y'all!
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    Re: How is my drain connected to the skimmer?

    The pipe farthest from the pool goes to the pump and the pipe closest is plumbed down to the bottom drain. You can divert more or less suction to the drain by rotating the space ship thingamajig.
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    Re: How is my drain connected to the skimmer?


    You do not have to have a main drain, and lots of pools, where the main drain is plumbed into the skimmer, like yours, no longer have the spaceship diverter. Unless you have some specific reason to use the main drain, or are just looking for something to do, I'd just leave it alone.

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