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Thread: Skimmer Socks/nylons - All Summer Long?

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    Skimmer Socks/nylons - All Summer Long?

    I'll gear this question toward the northeast guys because I know what our pollen season is like. But if other areas of the country experience seasonal pollen feel free to chime in....

    I've always been in the habit of just using skimmer socks early in the season when the tree pollen is high. Once mid June comes around I forgo the socks. For those of you that use skimmer socks during the pollen season you know what they look like after just one day. It's literally like like cleaning vomit out of the skimmer. (The Dolphin Bag is the same way).

    Now I know how beneficial these thing are whereas if I wasn't using them, then this slop would end up on the filter media. But the downside is that you really need to stay on top of cleaning these every day otherwise the skimmer can build up a lot of pressure. I am more than willing to do this during the high pollen season. But once that subsides and the skimmers are really only catching the occasional leaves, I don't feel they serve that much of an advantage.

    Question is more of a survey. You guys do the same? You agree with my method or feel I should use them all summer long?
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    Re: Skimmer Socks/nylons - All Summer Long?

    I just started using them (actually the hairnets for $6 on amazon) and plan on using all season.
    Changing every other day this time of year and haven't seen a build up in pressure at all.
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    Re: Skimmer Socks/nylons - All Summer Long?

    I started using skimmer socks this year and cleaned them each day during pollen season. But once that ended I started using the cheap hairnets on Amazon for about 6 cents a piece. I change them every other day or so (just throw them out). I don't think it will help that much as i probably will have to clean my filter once a season regardless of which approach I take but I find it easy enough to do so I am still using them.
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