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Thread: Cloudy pool after algae clean up, Chlorine level reads dark orange

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    Cloudy pool after algae clean up, Chlorine level reads dark orange

    Hello brand new pool owner here inheriting 20 yr old pool.

    4 days after owning, noticed yellow /brown fuzz growing on underwater surfaces.

    Water began to turn from turquoise to greenish. Had a pool guy out to look at and he reccomended shocking it. In went 12lbs. Shock. Pump was on and off for 2 days and water was totally milky white, likely from dead algae.

    So, algaecide, a clarifier, and 3 more lbs of shock were reccomended. At pool store we were sold liquid (blue) algaecide, pool life water clearer, and liquid chlorine instead of granular. Added 5 chlorine tabs to floaty thing in pool. Poured in whole bottle of algeacide (as verbally instructed), quarter bottle of clarifier and 26 more ounces of liquid Chlorine. Running filter/pump as much as possible. Have backwashed twice in last 2 days, it has been 3 since adding all chemicals.

    Tried to test yesterday using kit and chlorine read "red/orange" kit said do not perform other tests if chlorine is higher than 5, from what I read it is between 15-30.

    Today I can see top step in milky blue water but Cl. test reads bright orange. Have owned this pool for almost 2 weeks now and haven't been able to use once! It was crystal clear when we bought it plus its 120 degrees here in AZ, Help!
    Inground - 20x40x9 - 36,000 gallons? - Plaster - Sand filter - Pump says " conservationist" - 2 skimmer pool, ones not working, no idea why.

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    Re: Cloudy pool after algae clean up, Chlorine level reads dark orange

    Welcome to the forum.

    Well now, that's quite the chemical soup the pool $tore has concocted in your pool.

    We can help you take control of your pool, but it is going to require the use of a proper test kit.

    Test Kits Compared

    The TF-100 with XL option is really the best value for your money, and even contains a standard solution to help with one of the more subjective test for CYA.

    Im sure that you are not exactly thrilled to hear that you will need to spend more $$ on your pool, but I promise this is money well spent.

    Once you properly measure your water chemistry you will need to SLAM your pool.

    All that pool needs (needed) is the proper level of FC.

    Be sure to have a read through Pool School, especially The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.

    Dom - TFP Guide
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    Re: Cloudy pool after algae clean up, Chlorine level reads dark orange

    Welcome to TFP!

    You are being given the run-around by your pool guy and pool store. Their typical M.O. is to have you dump all sorts of "magic elixirs" into the pool and none of this will solve the problem your pool has. Then you go back and they'll try to sell you more stuff you don't need. If you have algae, a 1-time shock treatment will not get rid of it. Chlorine and chlorine alone will remedy this situation in the proper dosage.

    Want to get off this merry-go-round? If so, step 1 is to take control of your pool water testing by getting yourself one of the Recommended Test Kits to properly manage your pool. I use the TF-100 because it's the best value and they have a freshness guarantee. You can order it here: They ship fast - you should have it in your hands in 2-3 days with normal shipping. The investment in this test kit will free you from the endless cycle of repeatedly emptying your wallet at the pool store for more potions that will not solve your problem.

    While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, here are some resources to give you an overview of managing your pool using our methods:

    1. Begin with this article: ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry. This boils everything you need to know about managing pool water chemistry down to one page.

    After you have a good understanding of the ABC's article, the following articles will give a little more information on the pool chemicals we recommend and the recommended levels.
    2. Recommended Pool Chemicals
    3. Recommended Levels

    By the time you have gone through these articles, you will see how easy pool maintenance can be.

    BTW, have you tried inputting your pool measurements into Pool Math? When I input 20W x 40L x 9(feet deep) , I'm getting ~48,000 gallons assuming an oval pool. If it's rectangular, water volume will be slightly more.
    Gold Supporter, TFP Lifetime Supporter, 26,680 gal Plaster IGP 3.5 - 10' depth / Attached Waterfall Spa, Manually Chlorinated, Triton Sand Filter, 1.5 HP * 1.1 SF = 1.65 SFHP 1-speed Pentair WhisperFlo WF-26 Pump, 400K BTU NG Teledyne Laars Series One Heater, Polaris 360, Test Kit Comparison, Chlorine/CYA Chart, SLAMing Your Pool, OCLT
    A good test kit is an investment, not an expense.

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    Re: Cloudy pool after algae clean up, Chlorine level reads dark orange

    Welcome to the right place forgetting your pool crystal clear! I understand your frustration. Like most everyone on this forum you've been "Pool Stored." domct203 and BoDarville are correct, the only things pool stores are good at is selling you chemicals you DO NOT need. Once I realized that and took the advice of this forum, my pool has been crystal clear and requires minimal effort and minimal cost from me.

    Now the bad news: It will take some of POP (Pool Owner Patience) to transition from the pool store chemical soup to a "trouble free pool." The algae growth didn't happen overnight and it won't disappear overnight. All the chemicals you poured in (at the direction of the pool store) may have started to kill the algae but, to paraphrase Monty Python, "They're not dead yet!"

    The first three steps to POP are:
    1. Get a good test kit (TF-100 or Taylor K-2006).
    2. Don't go back to the pool store.
    3. Read the suggested articles (The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry, etc.) in the Pool School section.

    Just so you know I live in Tucson and the only chemicals I use in my pool are liquid chlorine (good ol' Chlorox) and muriatic acid. These guys know what they're talking about! Hang in there!
    19,500 gal, 16' x 38' PebbleTec IG Pool, Built 4/2013; Pentair IntelliFlo VS 3050 3 HP Pump, Pentair Intellichlor IC40 SWG, Pentair IntellipH, Pentair 520 sq ft/150 GPM Cartridge Filter, A&A In-Floor Cleaner, Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robot (aka "Robbie"), Pentair EasyTouch Power Panel w/ Quick Touch 4 Remote Control, Autelis WiFi controller, Clear 12 mil Solar Cover on Presto SS Reel, Taylor K-2006 Test Kit.

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