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Thread: Do I need a better pump and sand filter?

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    Do I need a better pump and sand filter?

    Totally new to pools, but mechanically inclined.

    I just got my 22' Intex Ultra setup (10.5k gallons) the other day (filled to just under the inlet/outlet holes).

    I decided the saltwater system sounded good and went ahead and picked up the Intex 15k Gallon model and seven 40lbs bags of salt.

    Looking at the stock pump and canister filter...looks kind of weak.

    I was then browsing craigslist and came across this person trying to get rid of an old 24' Doughboy, pump and filter for $300.

    I did a quick google of the pump and sand filter, then called the guy and offered him $100 for those two items.

    Looking at the pics, does this sand filter and pump look too beat up for $100? (I've already watched some vids on changing the sand on one of these but the pump...) I'm not sure the age of these items. Is the sand filter worth $100 if the innards are good?

    Do I need a "real" pump and filter? I imagine the Intex one is subpar for 10.5k gallons.

    I plan on keeping the pool up year round. I'm adding a partial deck in the next two weeks.

    Any quick advice is greatly appreciated as I'm going to look at these items tomorrow. I'm all ears!


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    Re: Do I need a better pump and sand filter?

    If you haven't already, go ahead and purchase this.

    Yes, you need a better pump and filter system than what Intex offers.

    First thing I would do is order the proper seal and O-ring kit for that pump, and look at ordering a spider gasket for the vari-flo valve. Both are easy to install.

    You might also consider hard plumbing your pool, but that can wait until you are familiar with your pool.

    Good luck!
    15'x48" 4500 gallon Intex pool, buried 1.5 ft. Pac-Fab Dynamo 3/4 hp pump. Hayward S180T sand filter, bought used. Taylor K-2006 test kit. Rocket mass heater based wood fired pool heater.

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    Re: Do I need a better pump and sand filter?

    Hi Charlie, thanks for the reply.

    It turns out the piece where the laterals connect was cracked so I passed (replacement was almost $70 and didn't want to wait for it).

    I did pickup a S180T sand filter and Power-Flo LX combo yesterday off CL...hope they work lol.

    I've already took apart and cleaned the S180T's laterals/inlet pipe, picking up sand today. Does the S180T really use 150lbs of sand? Anyone use the cheap stuff from Ace? ($12 for 50lbs).

    The S180T/Power-Flo LX work with the Intex 15,000 gallon SWG, right?

    Any tips on setting this all up? I'm thinking of hard plumbing it as unfortunately the inlet/outlets on the pool aren't in the best fact, they're close to where deck stairs are going to go. I'm trying to get this plumbed and a deck built by the 4th...and I've never had a pool or built a deck!

    Anything wrong with placing the gear under the deck?
    22' Intex Ultra (10.5k gallons)
    Intex Saltwater System (15k gallons)
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    Re: Do I need a better pump and sand filter?

    There are a several reports of cheap sand completely clogging your filter - penny wise and pound foolish....get the good stuff

    You can get an owners manual for the S180T online. I have no idea how much sand it needs but don't skimp and don't overfill. You only have to do this once so do it right.

    Equipment under the deck? I don't think so. You will need access at least weekly.

    Hard plumb your equipment. Do it slow and do it right. Your rush to get it done will keep you'll get to re-do it all later.

    The SWG doesn't care what filter or pump you use as long as the flow is adequate and you will get adequate flow.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
    TFTestkits , PoolMath , Pool School

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