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Thread: cloudy and blue for a week help!

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    cloudy and blue for a week help!

    I am a new member...thanks for helping!

    We have had issues in the past with metal staining so when I opened the pool a week ago I proactively added Jacks Blue Stuff for metal and 32 oz. polyquot. I could see the bottom it was not green but had a clear film on walls, I put 2 tri chlor pucks in filter and ran 24/7, it became cloudy immediately so I added 2-4 bottles of bleach every night and blue clarifier. Now its a beautiful blue but I cannot see the deep end drain, yesterday I added 8 gallon bottles of liquid shock (sodium hypochlorite 12.5) and another polyquot 60 ...I still had a low FC level.

    my numbers are fc 2, tac 5 cya 0,ta 80, ph 7.0

    Out of desperation I went to the pool store They said to add soda ash and a bag of leslies powder powder plus (calcium hydrochlorite 73%) and to add clarifier tomorrow

    I backwashed a few days ago, it wasn't green, no metal stains so far . I will recheck numbers today

    how can i clear this pool, please help thanks
    16x32' rectangle 19K gal IG vinyl pool;about 15 years old. bbb; jacuzzi sand filter; jacuzzi pump;runs 8hrs; Taylor 2000; utility water

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    Re: cloudy and blue for a week help!

    Hello and welcome to TFP! It would appear from your description you are adding quite a bit of products that for the most part really won't solve your problem. You have algae, so you need to "SLAM" per the SLAM page (link below). Your K-2006 will support that if you are stocked well on reagents. But refrain from adding all of those pool store products, they won't help. Regular bleach/chlorine, added at the proper level based on your current CYA, is the answer. If your CYA is zero, then the sun is stealing your FC very fast and you need to increase CYA to a minimum of 30, then increase FC to 12. Read the SLAM page each day and do everything listed and you'll do fine. Good luck!
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