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Thread: Startup on salt water system

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    Startup on salt water system

    I have a 1848 summer waves pool. Pool was put up last weekend. Once we installed I realized I didn't have the adaptor nor hoses for the intex sand pump and salt water system I needed. I went to amazon after talking to someone on this site for which I needed. I ordered a new skimmer since I have the new model with enclosed motor and all needed plunge valves, adaptors, and hoses. Now I have a question about starting the system. I had to add clorine since pool has been up for a week and run the pump he came with it, which hasn't done much. So now I don't know what to do with adding salt. Like do I add it while my new pumps are running? Do u turn off the salt water system? Will water just flow through it without it on? Do I run the sand pump? How long? How much salt?

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    Re: Startup on salt water system

    That's a lot of questions there. The pump has to be on to push water thru the SWG. The SWG won't produce chlorine until salt is dissolved in the pool water.

    Add salt. Brush it around, make a whirl pool, whatever it won't take much for it to dissolve and mix in. Setup so your pump comes on then some time afterwords the SWG comes on for the interval you've determined. The pump should be setup to run long enough to cover the entire SWG cycle and then a bit more. You can continue to use bleach as your chlorine source as you transition to the SWG taking over for you. You can also use bleach any time you need an extra chlorine boost. The only time there would be a problem with the two is if you were doing a shock level with bleach, then you may have a temporary "high salt" reading from the SWG. In that case I'd turn off the SWG while your going thru the shock process with bleach and transition back to the SWG as the chlorine level comes back into a "normal" range.

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    Re: Startup on salt water system

    The amount of salt depends on the size (or rather volume) of your pool. The SWG manual has a table that tells you exactly how may lbs for your pool. The water flows fine through the SWG when turned off; it just doesn't produce any chlorine.
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    Re: Startup on salt water system

    The pool is a 6000 gallons you would need to be at 3000ppm of salt. If you have no salt in the pool you will need about 151 lbs of salt. You can add the salt at anytime. But I would make sure all your levels are good, FC,PH,CYA and TA before starting your SWCG. I can't stress enough but get yourself a good test kit and salt strips. Eveytime you lose water from splashing etc you lose salt. Also if you have no cya in your pool you will never maintain a good FC level the sun will eat the chlorine right up.
    Hope this help
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