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Thread: Inaccurate Salt Reading

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    Inaccurate Salt Reading

    So, we bought this house with a pool in '13. The pump motor went out January '14. Because water wasn't flowing, the below freezing temp caused the salt cell to crack. Ordered a Compu Pool replacement and changed it out. Beautiful. Fast Forward to this spring. Pump motor went out due to a plastic bag and a snake getting in. Thanks to a friend, fixed easily. Loaded up water with chemicals and left for vacation. Water was looking better before leaving. Kids were in charge of brushing and emptying the skimmer while we were gone. Noticed in picture from my in laws that water was looking bad. Came home to green pool. Very green! After lots of research, tried changing out the thermistor (the disk shaped thing that may be called something else) because the power light was going off. Worked perfectly! Beautiful. Fast Forward a month or so. Display on generator reading low salt. Added salt. Continues to read low. Brought in sample to pool place. Salt was actually high! Bought a salt testing kit for home. Salt still reading high. Went back to online research...tried the recalibrating method mentioned EVERYWHERE. Still didn't work. Oh, and I lowered the water level and added fresh water until salt levels were within desired level per home testing kit and pool store's readings. No matter what, the salt level reads about 1100 on the display. The actual level is around 2800. Pulled off the circuit board and sent off for repair. Came back stating was repaired. Reinstalled, nope! Still shows low salt. In the meantime, I am treating the pool as a chlorine pool with a floater for chlorine tabs and adding shock periodically to keep the levels in check. Pool looks great, but the chlorine pool is a lot more work. Please advise the next step to take. Should I order a new circuit board? A new cell? Oh, I also brought the salt cell to the pool place for testing. Since it isn't a Hayward cell, they said it may fail the test. It did in fact fail, but we could smell the chorine. So, we know it is producing. I can also see the chlorine being dumped when I first turn on the generator. But as soon as it registers low salt, the generation halts and I can no longer see the cloudiness from the chlorine being produced. What should my next step be???
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    Re: Inaccurate Salt Reading

    Welcome to TFP!

    Most of the time when a cell shut down because it is reading a lower salinity level than the actual, the cell is dead and needs to be replaced.

    Post the diagnostics to see if we can spot something else wrong with the system.
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