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Thread: Blue pool even after sequestrants

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    Blue pool even after sequestrants

    Hi, this is my first post. This is my fourth summer as a pool owner, and this site has been an immeasurable tool in learning to care for my pool. I will try to be brief in my back story of my problem: Last year pool was left uncovered due to old cover damage and not replacing during winter season. We were left with green swamp for which we sought assistance at local pool store. Fast forward after multiple algae treatments, unnecessary chemicals, etc later, and pool was still green. Consulted your site, determined we had possible copper contamination, treated with sequestrants, cleared green color, maintained with BBB and tri-chlor tabs through end of last summer. This year after new cover not properly fitting, allowing rain, leaves etc into pool, we were again facing a green swamp, however, with all my new knowledge from this site, I was sure I could resurrect pool with no problem. Used BBB with SLAM method, vacuumed, etc. Pool still green. Added sequestrants, pool progressed to blue/green, then aqua, then baby blue. I allowed CL to trend to 0 while treating CL. As soon as I reintroduced cl, blue/green returned. Total of 12 bottles of sequestrant (over 2 treatments) and allowing cl to reach 0, I was left with cloudy, but visible to bottom of deep end pool on 6/8/16. Began adding Cl and adjusting ph levels, etc and water became cloudy with blue tinge. Thought I may have allowed some algae growth with low cl level, so rose CL to 12 per pool math and water immediately turned bright blue. We added 2 packs CU later on 6/15 thinking maybe the HTH metal out we used was not effective enough. No change in color. My numbers as of 6/17/16 7am are as follows:
    CL 12.5
    ph 7.2-know this is a little low, havent gotten to store for more Borax
    CH-Test turned purple, never turned red, then turned blue at 80ppm, then immediately back to purple.
    CYA-out of reagent, but added 9# based on pool math on 6/12 after test showing essentially 0. Haven't vac, etc and CL is losing ~1-1.5 ppm in 24 hours(if that helps)

    We bought T2006 this year and have only added HTH Metal Out, HTH floc and HTH Clarifier outside of the WM 10% liquid chlorine, Arm and Hammer Backing soda, and 20 mule team borax chemicals. Our chlorine pucks are Doheny's Tri-chlor. We are on city water.

    Based on everything I have read, the fact that water clears when Metal Out is introduced and CL levels are low has me believing this is Copper (which I believe came from all the pool store algaecides I was sold last year (regular, mustard, different brands, etc).

    What am I missing??? Can the sequestrant be that ineffective in keeping Cu bound?? I don't trust the pool store people enough to even have Cu levels run
    Thanks for all your help and suggestions!!
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    Re: Blue pool even after sequestrants

    Hello and welcome to TFP! Now that you have a TF-100, you don't have to go to the pool store for anything except a pool toy. Seriously. The use of those products over time have done their damage. Now that you know way too many snake oil products have been added to the water, you may find it best to do a partial water exchange. The more metal by-products you remove now, the easier your pool management will be later. That's a reason I wouldn't add any more chemicals at the moment until you do that water exchange.

    Now if you chose not to exchange water, you already know that sequestrants will be required periodically, and the reactions between metals and chlorine is dependent upon how much metals may be in the water. Keep in mind that if you have algae, a SLAM FC level is higher thereby increasing the chance of a metal/chlorine reaction.

    On your CH test above, it's not supposed to turn red. Once you add the R-0011 purple reagent, then you look to change it to blue.

    It all boils-down to basics ... stay away from the pool store products. In most cases they are a waste of money. Regular bleach is your best sanitizer aside from those who own a SWG. Metal in the water can only be removed by water exchange. Any remaining metal much be bound by a sequestrant to prevent staining and such. So give it some thought and let us know if you have more questions. Others may have more thoughts on the matter. We'll help either way you decide to go.
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