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Thread: Columbus, OH On-Ground Pool

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    Columbus, OH On-Ground Pool

    Hello! I'm just getting started shopping for a pool. I'd love an in-ground but the $30,000 starting price is out of our budget. At least that's the estimates I'm getting in Columbus. Does that sound right? I'm not a fan of typical above ground pools so I thought a partially submerged pool would be the way to go. However, I'm having extreme difficulty finding anyone in my area that sells/installs them. So, I'm going to throw out some questions and hope you're able to help. (And I know there's a lot of unknown variables, such as electric and yard. But I'm just trying to get an idea.)

    1. Is it unrealistic to get a small, basic, vinyl lined, in-ground pool installed for under $20,000?
    2. What would be a reasonable install cost for a partially sunk pool?
    3. I have someone coming for an estimate of the Sutherland pool from Blue Cascade Pools. Does anyone have experience with that pool?
    4. I have someone else coming out that installs the Ultimate pool. When I asked on the phone about partially sunk she quoted me $30,000. I'm really hoping that's wrong!! Feedback on the Ultimate pool?
    5. I saw the Radiant pool at Scioto Valley. Thoughts on that pool? I think they're high thought because of their storefront and high overhead.
    6. We're not do it yourselfers so installing a pool ourselves is not an option. Has anyone had experience purchasing a pool from Pro Pools and finding an installer? Is that even possible? When I called they said it was but wanted to get another opinion.

    If any of these questions could be answered that would be a huge help!! Again, I know there's a lot of variables but want to have a general idea.



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    Re: Columbus, OH On-Ground Pool

    Welcome to TFP! I hope you get some good information here on your questions. If you do proceed, you found the right place to help you maintain your pool!

    1- Almost certainly unrealistic. You'd certainly have to get zero options, minimal decking, chain link fence, etc. Most pricing you see here is sun belt pricing, not rust belt pricing (sorry if that is offensive, but it fit my story too well not to use).
    6- I might suggest going going OB (owner build). It's different from DIY and you can get lots of support here. You would be the GC. But there may not be the savings there for a super basic build.
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    Re: Columbus, OH On-Ground Pool

    Bmoreswim thank you for that info. I wanted to make sure it was unrealistic before completely giving up that route. As far as an OB, that makes me nervous. I feel like Ohio weather is such a crapshoot that I'd constantly be calling people to reschedule. But it's definitely something I'll research more. Thanks!!

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    Re: Columbus, OH On-Ground Pool

    Is fully above-ground not an option? Will give you best bang for the buck.

    FYI: If you can get an in-ground for $30K then it's a steal. I suspect that's a partial cost without everything you need to complete the project,
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    Re: Columbus, OH On-Ground Pool

    Hi Amy! That price for an in ground pool sounds about right for our area. Our fiberglass install base price was about that. It was a basic price and any upgrades cost extra, including the concrete to go around the pool. I have seen some advertisements for vinyl liners in the 27k range around the Cincinnati area so probably comparable to Columbus.

    Good luck with your decision! You made the first right choice by starting here first! You will save so much $$$ here by being in charge of your own pool should you get one!

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