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Thread: Loud Pump / low suction

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    Loud Pump / low suction


    This is my first time on this site. I recently changed the sand in my filter for my above ground pool. After hooking everything up and starting the pool, the pump sounded much louder than in past years. After a night of running the pump, I noticed that there really is no suction into the skimmer. There is water coming out of the return, but nothing is being filtered. I have no idea what to do! Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Loud Pump / low suction

    Hello Jimmy and welcome to TFP! Your situation may have a couple issues happening based on your descriptions, so we'll need some more info from you. Not too sure why the pump would sound louder after changing sand unless you had a significant back-pressure situation. But generally when a pump gets louder the first thing I think of are the bearings showing signs of wear. Others may have another opinion though. Another rule of thumb ... if things were okay before we work on something, then we probably should back-track our work to see if something was assembled incorrectly. Did you fill the filter housing with water before adding the sand? What type of sand did you use?

    Water is coming out of the return, but nothing being filtered? Is your multiport valve set to filter and not just recirculate? How did you determine the water was not being filtered? Oh, and please add all of your equipment to your profile signature for all of us to see. It may help us evaluate things better based on your specific equipment.

    Nice to have you with us at TFP!
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    Re: Loud Pump / low suction

    1. Does the pump run/sound the same on recirculate as with filter position on the multi-port? If so separate the motor from the pump housing and check the impeller for blockage. Also check the pump basket for a crack or split.

    2. If not then the issue is with the filter system. As Texas Splash suggested back track and check your work.

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