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Thread: Pentair Chlorinator 320 w/ high-flo kit doesn't work

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    Exclamation Pentair Chlorinator 320 w/ high-flo kit doesn't work

    My pool size is about 30K to 32K gallon. I use a pentair 320 inline chlorinator (it is definitely not a new one but I don't know the age of it.) The chlorine level has been always low and my local pool professional told me it has flaw design, which makes it not working properly. I searched online and people saying the high-flo feeder kit #R171099 may help. I installed one last week. But the chlorine level is still low. There are something that I cannot explain besides the low chlorine, hope you can help me out. (The control valve has always been at full open notch.)

    1. before I install the hi-flo feeder kit, whenever I open the top cap, I can see the high water level dropping. But after I installed it, the water level not dropping any more.
    2. with the cap open, I can definitely see the water feeding into the cylinder. But I don't think it can tell anything, because I have the cap open when I view it.
    3. the way I connect the hi-flo feeder kit is from right-after pump to the top hole of the feeder.

    I wonder if there is anything that I need to clean or replace so it will work.

    thank you very much.

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    Re: Pentair Chlorinator 320 w/ high-flo kit doesn't work

    Welcome to TFP

    The reason you can not get the free chlorine up is not because of the chlorinator is not working, it is because you are using the chlorinator and 3 inch tabs...

    The rest of the story the pool store and the local professional is not telling you is CYA, your CYA is to high... how long have you been feeding your pool those pucks and how many a week?

    We can help if you want to cut the pool store cord and save massive amounts of money

    If you do want help, here is a list (how does your water look, cloudy, green?) please fill out your signature, it helps with things like this Trouble Free Pool

    grab 10% bleach/liquid chlorine from walmart in the pool isle
    pour 1 gallon in and brush daily
    order a test kit from below, this is where the magic happens... (if cloudy or green get the TF100 with the XL option, it's the better kit)

    get ready to empty water, I bet your CYA level is way over 100 and you need it at 30 to 40

    I hope this helps
    Pool: Intex 16x32 15000 gal, 2 speed 340042, Pentair CC320 Filter, CircuPool SJ45 Salt System, Intermatic PE653RC; Hot Tub: 650 Gal SWG Megachlor
    links: pool school * Recommended-Levels * SLAM * CYA chart * Test kits * How To Post Pictures * Poolmath * OCLT ** Support your website if we helped you :) **

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