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Thread: numbers perfect, water crystal, can't get chlorine read

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    numbers perfect, water crystal, can't get chlorine read

    hi all
    have dumped about 50 lb shock in pool, 17 gallon liquid shock 6 gallon clorox, 8 lb stabilizer , 2 lp ph up. Over a period of about 9 days. Pool guys confirm every number good except the free and total chlorine. The recommended plan, keep shocking. I haven't been able to study pool school. (Spending too much time going to get supplies.) kidding aside, I need help if any ideas. I'm newbie here, had pool many years and never had much problems. Any ideas?

    20x40 35000 gal. pool of crystal clear water. filter runs 24 7 last few days and barely needs bumped. been shocking every nite. I don't have a good test kit myself yet. I keep thing ing the pool experts might help. Problem, try one thing and have to wait 24 hr to see if they guessed right.

    Have good evening........Coffeeman

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    Re: numbers perfect, water crystal, can't get chlorine read

    To utilize this method you will need a recommended test kit and you will need to read pool school to familiarize yourself with the process. There really isn't a way around either one of those two tasks.

    Everyone here is really great about walking folks through the process until they understand it, but without your pool information in your signature, the proper test kit and taking a moment to read Pool School ~ it will be impossible to help.

    The method works, I have nothing in on kit sales ~ but I can say with the kit, using this method I keep my pool pristine and save time and money doing so. It's not a "guessing-game", the test results give you the information you need to balance you pool. It works for anyone who follows the method.
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    Re: numbers perfect, water crystal, can't get chlorine read

    What type of shock is the 50lb, it probably has stabilizer in it. What's the CYA test show? Sounds like it may be sky high. Do you have a good test kit?
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    Re: numbers perfect, water crystal, can't get chlorine read

    Please consider getting a recommended test kit. That's the only way we can help you as we can not advise you without one. We do not trust pool store testing.

    It sounds like the pool $tore has got you in trouble. If you do decide to try our methods, get the kit and add a jug of bleach each night until your kit arrives.

    Here is a link about the testkits: Pool School - Test Kits Compared

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    Re: numbers perfect, water crystal, can't get chlorine read

    Don't listen to all of these guys if you want clean / sparkling water. They are getting a cut on those test kits. Just kidding.

    Now seriously, the help on here is not about getting your money but rather saving it and getting you a pristine pool. So many have been right where you are at wondering who to believe. This is the internet and the store is local experts right?

    I disagree. The internet has its issues at times but in this case, this is a forum made up of the knowledge of 1000's of pool owners over a long period of time using proven principles that are used and reported here proving they work.

    As Nike says. Just do it.

    Get one of the kits, as was already said, put a gallon in each night and then wait for your kit to arrive. It will be the best $ you have spent on your pool.
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