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Thread: Is CYA needed to startup at SWG pool?

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    Question Is CYA needed to startup at SWG pool?

    Please help settle a debate as We are getting conflicting information from our pool builder and the guy at the local pool store (Leslie's).

    New construction pool. Maintained with chlorine tabs in the skimmer baskets for several months while we worked through some issues with our final stages of construction.
    Salt added and start up completed May 28.
    Chems ok at first but always low chlorine.
    Took water for testing when we realized that the chlorine was zero and salt levels were within normal.
    Results from testing at Leslie's Pool Supply:
    FAC 0
    TAC 0
    Salt 3000
    Calcium Hardness 220
    CYA 0
    total Alkalinity 120
    pH 8.0
    copper 0
    iron 0
    phosphates 100

    Guy at Leslie's told me that CYA should be between 50-70 and that is clearly was not added during our start up as it should have been.
    Pool builder claims that he never adds CYA and that there is enough in the chlorine tabs he was using to get the job done. He discouraged me from adding any and then finally caved and agreed to have his guy add about half the amount that Leslie's recommended.

    So who is correct? We need to know who to trust.

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    Re: Is CYA needed to startup at SWG pool?

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    After the first sentence, I have this to say: Neither likely know how to maintain the chemistry in a pool and neither should be trusted.

    You should invest in one of the Recommended Test Kits and trust your own testing and learn the maintenance from TFP

    You most certainly need CYA in the water for the SWG. We recommend 70-80ppm. It is true that the tablets should be adding CYA, but it depends on how many tablets you have added.

    BTW, we NEVER recommend putting tablets in the skimmer. It is very acidic and can damage the pool equipment.

    Please add your pool details to your signature as described HERE as it will help us help you.
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    Re: Is CYA needed to startup at SWG pool?

    I've been running a SWG for 4 years now and just replaced my CompuPool with a Circupool unit after the CompuPool unit shorted at the cell and literally melted down and cracked the enclosure. This will be my 5th season with a SWG and I can tell you that I'll never look back. Get a tes kit in the links from jblizzle above (I have the TF-100) and get to know your chemistry over the first few weeks and learn how the SWG reacts to full sun, being covered, etc. Once you nail your chemistry, make notes. For example, I know my old CompuPool unit would only require 10% when covered to maintain chlorine loss during the day. When it wasn't covered and full sun, 50-60% maintained nicely and cloudy conditions (the sky, not the water) normally only required 30% or so. If we had a lot of swimmers, we simply bump it 10-20%. Once you know your percentages to useage, it's almost hands off all season. I think I checked my chemistry twice last year ... picture perfect all year long. That said, CYA is a Huge help and definite for stabilizing pH and Chlorine drift. Without it, you lose chlorine faster to sun/demand and your pH will drift quite a bit. I have my set at 70 now and it couldn't be more stable. Now that I have a new system, I have to relearn all these values.
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