When my wife and I purchased our 24' AGP we purchased a white vinyl fence kit for it from our local FEHL's pool company. After pulling all of the permits and starting the build our township told us that we didn't need to install this because of the following: We have a fenced in yard and/or the pool was 52" high and they didn't require use of an add-on fence. At this point we already took the fencing out of the boxes and therefor couldn't return it. For the past few years the fencing has just been sitting in our basement collecting dust. If there's anyone here that could use this for their 24' or smaller AGP please let me know. Again, it's just collecting dust.

We paid over $500 for this kit, I'm asking $300. If you feel this isn't a fair asking price by all means let me know. I am also open to trades as I am thinking about purchasing a Hayward 1hp 2 speed pump and a S244T sand filter.

The kit is located in Newmanstown, PA 17073.

Thank you!

pool fence .jpg