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Thread: Leaving for vacation

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    Leaving for vacation

    We are going to be gone for a week. Levels are just fine right now but is there anything we should do before we leave?
    18x48 coleman ultra frame
    Intex 2800 sand filter no saltwater
    Southern indiana

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    Re: Leaving for vacation

    The first time I left on vacation I got this advice....
    Brush, skim and vacuum. Then backwash/clean the filter if necessary.
    Check all your numbers, adjust them as necessary. I lowered my PH and CYA a bit
    Raise FC to SLAM level for your CYA the night before you leave. I rechecked it in the morning before I left.
    I filled a floating dispenser with tri-chlor pucks and tied it in two places to the sidewalls so it was around the middle of the pool. That way it wouldn't get pushed into a corner.
    My Intex pump/filter has an internal timer. I set it to run 6 hours a day.
    When we returned after 12 days. FC was still within range, small increase in CYA but it wasn't enough to worry about.
    Came back to crystal clear water
    This worked great for me on a couple of occasions.
    Somebody else may have more.
    Bob (AKA Schnozz)
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    Re: Leaving for vacation

    Last year I was traveling a lot for work Monday to Friday so there were many weeks that I closed the pool. My pool was very stable in terms of chemistry, so I figured out in advance how much chlorine I needed to add before I left to ensure that my chlorine level would be sufficient until I returned. I put the cover on set the filter to run 4 hours per day and it was spot on when I returned.

    Later in the summer I started to worry about what would happen if something unexpected (branch falling on pool, neighbors lawnmower kicked up a rock, etc.) caused the water level to fall below my intake, and the resulting damage to my pump. So then I decided to leave the filter off for the 5 days I was away. I added my calculated quantity of bleach on Sunday night while the filter was running and made sure it was well circulated before I turned it off. Again, there were no problems when I returned.

    This may not be the approved method, but it worked for me.
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    installed August 2012
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    TF-100 test kit, TFP method

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    Re: Leaving for vacation

    Did this last year, getting ready to do again this year. Will be gone 10 day. Like others I'll add about 2-3 ppm per day x 5 days worth of bleach before I leave. I'll leave a measured jug of bleach with my neighbor to add at the half way point, that will cover the remaining days at about 2-3 ppm per day.

    Worked fine last year. Actually the chlorine was a bit high when we got back, that was ok with me. One of the things I liked when I was running my SWCG, could leave for 10 days unattended no problem.

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