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Thread: Bubbles flow seems to have lessened significantly

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    Bubbles flow seems to have lessened significantly

    Hi, we got an inground pool last year with an attached spa. Earlier this year, I noticed that in the spa, the bubbles coming out of the valves completely blocked the person's legs. Yesterday, I noticed that you can now see legs and the water is not nearly as opaque from the bubbles. The pressure seems to be pretty good, but something has definitely changed in the few months of operation. How should I go about troubleshooting? Does the pressure reading at the pump give any indication? If so, what's a normal range? Could this have anything to do with not backwashing frequently enough? And could this have to do with the water chemistry itself? The pool is too high in chlorine but I'm assuming that's an independent problem. Could that affect bubble flow?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: Bubbles flow seems to have lessened significantly

    Welcome to TFP!

    Add your pool info to your signature so that we can better help you as shown here, Pool School - Read This Before You Post

    Without knowing anything about your pool equipment and set up here are a couple of guesses.

    Yes, the pressure gauge is designed to help you know when to clean the filter. We typically recommend cleaning a filter when pressure rises 20-25% above clean pressure. How and what to do depends on what kind of filter you have.

    Yes, it could be water chemistry. Without test results we can't help with that. Here is what we need to help.

    Asking for Help
    When starting a thread asking for help with a specific issue please include the following in your initial post:

    Test Results! Test Results! Test Results!

    There is nothing more important than current valid test results. Here's what we need.

    FC - Free Chlorine
    CC - Combined Chlorine
    TA - Total Alkalinity
    CH - Calcium Hardness
    CYA - Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer)
    Borates - (if you are using borates)

    Only the better kits have all of these tests, please read*this article*to understand why we need this information, and*this one*to see some test kit options. If you don't have a test kit with all of those tests, many pool stores offer water testing.

    If you cannot post these results - do not ignore that fact. Tell us you cannot post test numbers. If you can post only some, tell us you cannot post the others or we'll ask if you forgot.

    Nothing will help us solve your water chemistry issues quicker than current test results.

    Note: Test results can sometimes change fairly quickly, so post new results if a few days, or more, have passed. Also, test results should go in the message, not in your signature (where they quickly become out of date).

    Please tell us how your water looks. Is it crystal clear, cloudy, green? Just give us a description. Also, tell us how long it has looked like that - has it been green for 2 days or nine years? makes a difference in the advice we give on getting it cleaned up.
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