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Thread: Chlorine lock no chlorine on test strip

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    Chlorine lock no chlorine on test strip

    Hi all
    New guy here.
    I can't get chlorine reading . All week dumping chlorine in. Finally "BIG" pool store told me put 42 Lb shock in to solve problem
    Also 6 lb stabiliser. Didn't work. Next day they said 10 more lbs shock and some ph up. Didn't work..
    Total chlorine free chlorine stabilizer PH .....other OK
    1st test computer print 7.8 1.0 0 7.4
    add to pool 42 lb shock.....8 lb stabilizer

    2nd test 0.2 0.0 70 7.0
    add to pool... 10lb shock and 2lb ph up

    I didn't go back there....went back to regular store that doesn't have computer and they say keep shocking at 4 lbs a nite.

    My pool 20x40, the water is clear, very slight cloudy, filter can run 2 days and never needs bumped, looks good enough
    no free chlorine showing on test strip. everything is testing OK. I'm stuck. Friend recommended all you folks here.

    Looking for some help. First time in 25+ years I had this kind trouble.

    Thanks in advance...........Coffeeman

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    Re: Chlorine lock no chlorine on test strip

    You need to stop the madness track they have you on. Save yourself and your pool and order one of our recommended test kits in Pool School so we can have ACCURATE readings to fix it for you. Welcome.
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    Re: Chlorine lock no chlorine on test strip

    Quote Originally Posted by coffee man View Post
    My pool 20x40, the water is clear, very slight cloudy, filter can run 2 days and never needs bumped, looks good enough
    Woody is right, stop the madness. Keep going to the pool store and they will keep selling,you stuff that only moves money from your pocket to their cash register. How much have you spent so far to say "water is clear, very slight cloudy". Is it clear or cloudy?

    The folks follow our recommendations they end up with a pool that you can tell if a quarter is heads or tails on the bottom of the deep end.

    Most pool owners just through in the towel and just accept what you said, "looks good enough".

    You need your own test kit so you can take control of your pool.
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    Re: Chlorine lock no chlorine on test strip

    What they said, depending on what kind of "shock" the pool stores are selling you (dichlor or trichlor) it may be driving your CYA levels through the roof which in turn make your free chlorine less and less effective, repeat until they tell you that you have Chlorine lock or old water or some such and the only cure is to replace the water with fresh water. Well unfortunately at that point they are right about replacing the water, what they don't tell you is it is because of all that CYA build up from following their advice.
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