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Thread: doing test and color blind ,digital ?

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    doing test and color blind ,digital ?

    Hi all , new hear , thanks for this site!

    I am trying to do a better job this year on learning pool care .
    the pool i have is only a Intex 16' and 48" ( the only size i can fit in backyard!)
    the pump and filter is hayward S-166T and a 1hp two stage motor, I allso have a seperater tank
    instaled , not that its needed now but at first i was getting sand in the pool but have changed out the ( center part of the filter ,finger unit ?) and i think the sand is staying where its suposed to now ! I used this pump and filter set up on my 1000 gal. fish tank for years now it the pool setup.

    I was thinking about buying a TF-100 test kit , the one i have now came from a box store so wanting to upgrade, but im allso color blind , for the most part i can tell what the tests are trying to tell me but it is a PITA , i used to use a digital PH on the fish and was wondering if a digital system was avalible for all the things i need, if so are thay good, or just expencive !

    Thanks Markus

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    Re: doing test and color blind ,digital ?

    The only test in the TF100 that requires good color discrimination is the PH test. All of the others should be possible for you to read. You could try out the ColorQ from LaMotte, the best of the digital systems (that is affordable). It has some quirks and limitations, but is quite good if you are aware of what to avoid. The ColorQ has problems with all of the tests if your FC level is above 10 or your CH is above 400. It also has problems with the CYA test if you don't do it exactly right and even then it can be pretty far off. The PH, FC, and CC tests are quite good if the FC and CH levels are not too high.
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    Re: doing test and color blind ,digital ?

    Digital pH meters are a PITA. You have to keep them calibrated with standard solutions, electr4odes need to be stored wet, etc. Usually the problem with color blindness is differentiating the endpoint in a TA titration. All the other colors are well out of the range of the common red/green colorblindness. If you have a cheap test kit now (and it sounds like you do) then be aware that even people with normal color perception have trouble reading the pH comparators in cheap kits. It has nothing to do with color blindness. At any rate, you will not be able to test chlorine, CYA, CH, and TA digitally unless you spend the money on a colorimeter and the tests that are used have some limitation since they are colormetric and not titrations for the most part.

    FYI, the color changes in the TF100 are from pink to colorless for the chlorine tests and even color blind people have no problems with this one
    The pH comparator is a good one. You might be surprised that you can read it.
    TA is a change from red to green, this might be problematic. just have someone else read it. However, I suspect that once you learn the change at endpoint with someone elses help you will be able to see it on your own.
    CH is a change from pink to blue. You should see the change.
    CYA is a turbidity test. You are measuring how cloudy the water gets. NO color involved at all.

    The kit also contains an OTO TC test that uses a comparator and shades of yellow. Once again, you will be able to use this test as well as anyone. (most people have touble with this test until they get some experience. The key to remember is that it's not an exact test but gives you a ballpark.)

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