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Thread: pool remodel-choosing tile and stonescapes colors

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    pool remodel-choosing tile and stonescapes colors


    A couple questions. We are down to the wire in choosing tile and color of Stonescapes pebble finish for our remodel. We started off thinking that we didn't want a dark or green color to the water. Then my husband got more picky and decided that many of the samples had a brown tinge in them because of the brown pebbles in the samples. So then we went from looking at light and medium blues to look at the lightest colors but I was still concerned because I didn't want it to look like the white plaster we just took out. We finally narrowed it down to trying the Salt and Pepper finish and adding some of the blue beads/puerto rico blend to make it a little more blue or going with aqua blue. I was initially wary of the aqua blue as it often looks pretty intense in the pictures but I have seen enough pictures of it now with different decking that makes me feel like it would be fine. My husband still feels like the surface is going to have a brown tinge and look a little dirty. My questions are: does anyone who has aqua blue feel like the grey, brown and black pebbles in it makes it look dirty on the shallow areas or gives it a brown tone? I don't see it in the pictures myself but its hard to tell sometimes from a picture. My other question is that I have seen mention of people changing the mix of the pebbles. Is this common and easy to do? Would it be possible to have less brown pebbles added to an aqua blue finish and what might that do to the finished color?

    Other questions: we were going to do an LED light but my husband now mentioned that the price just increased from what we were initially estimated and now doesn't want to do it if we go with aqua blue since he figures the darker color would mute the light. I know it isn't going to be as light as a white plaster but isn't aqua blue still pretty light?

    Tiles: our last problem is choosing the tiles which has been very very difficult. We finally decided on a set of tiles. We wanted to use one larger tile for the pool and a small tile for the spa. We also have a section which is taller and we wanted to break up the grid with some type of accent tile. Initially I thought it was higher but it is actually only 12 inches so maybe it doesn't really need it but that was the goal. We ended up finding a tile that comes in a 3 inch tile and has a deco tile with a diamond insert and also has matching 1 inch tiles. At this point we are thinking to do the spa in the small tiles and do the 3inch tiles all around the pool but put some of the deco tiles on the taller section of the pool. I can't decide if this is too busy and also if it seems like it needs to have the deco tiles spaced out also around the pool to tie it all together.

    Let me see if I can post a picture. I don't think I have a good picture of that end of the pool and I'm not sure if you can zoom in to see better.. The trampoline in the pool is temporary Any design advice welcome. We are pulling our hair out and ready to be done with these decisions.planter wall and pool.jpg

    view of pavers and path.jpgpavers and coping.jpgclose up 3 inch pool tile.jpgpool tile.jpg

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    Re: pool remodel-choosing tile and stonescapes colors

    Which Stonescapes color did you decide on? Do you like how it turned out.

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