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Thread: Pool store is recommending Phos Free???

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    Pool store is recommending Phos Free???

    My pool is currently algae free, but a tinge cloudy.

    current test today as follows :
    FAC 10
    TAC 10
    CH 220
    CYA 60
    TA 110
    PH 7.8
    Copper 0
    iron 0
    TDS 1000
    Phosates 300

    They said my phosphates where high.

    does Phosaphates contribute to the cloudiness?
    Is there some other (less expensive) than phosfree you all wolud recommended.

    1) 16,000 gallons
    2) cartridge
    3) in ground
    4) Pebbletec (Shasta stone)
    5) If you know, tell us the size pump and the size (flow rate) of your filter. Need to find out.

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    Re: Pool store is recommending Phos Free???

    Hey there Mr2005- Phosphates are not an issue at *all* in a pool that has the proper amount of chlorine in it. If your FC level has dropped below your necessary level and let algae take hold, you need bleach to kill it.

    If you dont want to spend those dollars on PhosFree (which we do NOT recommend) you could put them to better use towards buying your own test kit. A pool as big as yours needs better testing than pool stores provide. Keep in mind that those tests are often inaccurate and they need to sell you something to cover the cost of the testing supplies.

    I would recommend the TF-100 test kit from Amazon, or

    ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - Recommended Levels
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    Re: Pool store is recommending Phos Free???

    Was that pool store Leslie's? The print out always says high phosphates. I think is just included in the standard language. My pool has high phosphates, high dissolved solids and high calcium it still sparkles.
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    Re: Pool store is recommending Phos Free???

    I hope you didn't buy that stuff.

    For what it costs, you've just paid for half of a TF100. Get one of those and you'll never have to set foot in a pool store again except to buy obscure bits of hardware.

    Cloudiness can come from a bad filter and a lot pf windblown debris, but more commonly from algae. At the instant your water was tested, you had sufficient chlorine to prevent algae. That doesn't mean that has always been the case. It doesn't take much algae to cloud things, but if it doesn't get killed off completely, it reaches a stalemate, where you're adding chlorine and algae is dying at the same rate new algae is growing. And so you have a never-ending supply of dead bleached algae carcasses to cloud the water and clog the filter. After a few days of that, the temperature will rise or your chlorine level will dip and algae will take over and the next thing is that your pool is green.

    I just looked at your post history and you've been relying on the pool store to test your water since at least 2011. You've had algae a few times and a water replacement. Aren't you ready yet to take control and get your own test kit? Aren't you tired of seeing this?
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    Re: Pool store is recommending Phos Free???

    I got a little algae in the pool so sent my wife to Leslie's to check the phosphate level. (I have the Taylor K2006 but no way to check phosphates)
    Last check was 100 but no algae. But this time, Phosphates were at 200 so she brought home a bottle of PhosFree.
    Cleaning a DG filter several times is not my idea of pool maintenance. I made her return the bottle.
    TFP advise was key. "Keep FC level at .75% of CYA."
    My CYA is 70 to 80. I am keeping FC at 6.0 to 7.0 and algae is pretty much non existent. Water temp in high 70's to low 80's.
    So far so good.
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    Re: Pool store is recommending Phos Free???

    Quote Originally Posted by DCarnuchi View Post
    My CYA is 70 to 80. I am keeping FC at 6.0 to 7.0 and algae is pretty much non existent. Water temp in high 70's to low 80's.
    So far so good.
    Pull up. There is no "between 70 and 80" with CYA you have to round up, which puts your minimum FC at 6ppm with your target at 9-11ppm. Look at this.....Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
    Assuming you have a test kit capable of making precise FC measurements do an overnight free chlorine test OCLT ...... read this....Pool School - Perform the Overnight FC Loss Test (OCLT)
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