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Thread: Mustard Algae

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    Mustard Algae

    Been dealing with this for a number of years. Let me start with some background first. Discovered mustard algae problem about 5 years ago and have been unsuccessful with killing it with the "store methods" while wasting a ton of money on it as well. Have tried it all. Been a frequent visitor of this site and finally have broken down and bought a test kit. Specifically the Taylor-2006. Store values have been all over the place. Even drained half my water when they told me my CYA was 167! Had a new liner installed about 4 years ago, had DE filter acid dipped and spayed the pump down with bleach, never put any ladders, toys, etc in the water after liner was installed. Within a week, algae was back. Needless to say I am a very frustrated person and looking for any help to once and for all get rid of this stuff. Numbers below:


    Using a SWG at 50% running 24/7
    Have 4gllons bleach at 10% on hand and 2 bags of Cal-Hypo. Willing to shock to mustard level. My only concern is at what level of chlorine is too high and at what level (if any) you can run into problems of bleaching the liner. Thank you all for responding.

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    Re: Mustard Algae

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    I would review these articles to help eradicate the mustard algae: Mustard Algae and SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain. If anything isn't clear in these articles, post up any follow-up questions.

    I would stick with liquid bleach for chlorination - I would not use the cal-hypo. If any undissolved granules of the cal-hypo settled on your liner, you could have bleaching in those areas.
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