We are beginning to plan the renovation and have spoken with one contractor (will speak to 5-6).

Gathered a ton of info from this site and other sites (everything from supplier & client references/liens/liability/cement composition/payment schedule/how to apply/when to add water/start up/tenting for bad weather, etc...basically soup to nuts).

We plan on white plaster (or white quartzite if budget allows), Rose Brick/Tan coping from NPT (which is identical to existing) and NPT's 6" x 6" Catania Rust and Rust Deco for Tile line. Our home is that color scheme as is the aggregate decking. We will also have the expansion joint done (it has gaps missing caulk and weather stripping)

The pool is 100 linear feet and has a 5' x 18" built in seat at the deep end and the shallow end has 3 entry steps with 15' long bench seating built into 2nd entry step. No other features except a low diving board.

So here goes-

Since buying home 14 months ago water line tiles have been popping off. Did a "tap test" on coping and appx. 50% sound hollow. The coping mortar is in great condition. The expansion joint adjoining coping has gaps.

If I go with plaster professional (member of NPC and assuming he has has done plaster for pools) will he also (likely?) have experience for tile/coping install? I am assuming he has contacts for others that have done tiles/coping if he doesn't do that work.

Can I order tiles via atelier de ceramica and get a regular pool reno company to install? Is that ok or will they just increase price elsewhere to make up for any markup? Please don't get me wrong-I am a business person but I am just trying to economize but not gouge anyone out of a fair profit margin).

Also- i think we need appx 20 6" x 6" deco tiles for random placement on steps/seats and I think about 50 more deco for perimeter of pool. Since pool is 100 Linear feet and has 2 normal size tile level drains any ideas on how many non deco 6" x 6" tiles?

The 1st contractor we spoke to said coping is fine (he just looked at it-no testing or touching) and said he suggest we do expansion fix first (now) and then do reno in Spring. That makes no sense to me.

Also-the bond board-if it needs any fix how will I know? If needed would it all need replacement or just some parts? I mean is it an all or nothing thing?

The deck has some minor cracks that have been sealed but a new deck definitely isn't in the budget. I know that can cause tiles off/coping shifting, etc... but unless I win the lottery the budget is pretty much set.

Any recommendations for Memphis Contractors?

Thanks for any help! It is most appreciated!!!