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Thread: No sign of algae, but...

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    No sign of algae, but...

    Had all my levels in tip top shape for the last week. Went to check chlorine levels this morning to make sure I didn't need to adjust the output on my generator with the sunnier days and higher bather load. Come to find out, chlorine was at ZERO. Went into the SwimPure Plus generator and all lights were off. I have troubleshooted this problem via the forum and have ordered a current limiter. Hoping that will be the fix. But, I got nervous knowing that chlorine was at zero. I quickly added enough liquid bleach to get me up to 4. The water is a little cloudy but there was a lot of activity in there last night. Nothing I would be alarmed with if chlorine wasn't at zero. My question and request for opinion; do I need to treat the pool any different then I have? I just added enough chlorine to get me into the appropriate level; should I be doing more in anticipation of some currently unforeseen issues that may be lurking? Thank you.
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    Re: No sign of algae, but...

    Use the FC target for a bleach pool, since that is what you have at the moment.

    You might want to do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test tonight. If it fails, you can get ahead of the algae bloom before anyone else notices. If it passes, all you're out is a little sleeping-in Sunday morning.
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    Re: No sign of algae, but...

    As long as your SWG is offline you need to treat your pool as a manually chlorinated pool. That means targeting a higher FC level and keeping above the minimum for manual chlorination. Assuming your CYA is 80 then you will want to keep your FC above 6 until you get your SWG back online. As far as the cloudiness, I would at least elevate the FC for today and perform an OCLT tonight to assure nothing seems wrong. Better to nip it right away than wait and potentially have a drawn out SLAM to deal with later. If you fail the OCLT then you will have caught it fast enough that a SLAM should be quick and easy.

    Just remember, until your SWG is back your minimum (assuming 80 CYA) is 6. Dose enough that your FC never drops below that.

    EDIT: Or, you know, everything Richard said slightly faster than me
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    Re: No sign of algae, but...

    If the water is cloudy you need to raise the FC to slam level until the water clears. Once the water is clear you can use liquid chlorine to keep the pool at the correct FC for your CYA level until the SWG is up and running. You will need to use the FC/CYA for a manually chlorinated pool while the SWG is down. This will be higher than what you are used to using the SWG. You can find the FC/CYA chart here: Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
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    Re: No sign of algae, but...

    Awesome. Thanks for the feedback.
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