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Thread: Cloudy Pool That Won't Clear Up

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    Cloudy Pool That Won't Clear Up

    This is my first post so please bear with me. I just opened my pool myself for the first time last Tuesday. We bought the house at the end of 2014 and I "attempted" to open it myself last summer(2015). We inherited a swamp and I had no idea what I was doing so we called a Pool store. They drained it and I filled it, then they came and tossed some chemicals in and charged me a boatload. The pool was nice for a while as I would throw in a Triclor puck every few days. I was still trying to figure this thing out. After a month or so it began to turn green and I fought it and fought it. Like most of you, I work and am away from the house a lot. I simply wasn't able to become the pool expert that I wanted to be and the pool got greener so I gave up and threw a tarp over it just to protect it from the leaves that would be falling later in the year. Between then and last Tuesday I discovered this site and learned about the TFP method and purchased the TF 100 test kit. I've been following the thread "How to turn your green swamp into a sparkling oasis". I've done everything it has advised and now I'm on day 10 and the water is simply not clearing up. Its a nice light blue color, but completely opaque and cloudy. I can see about 6 inches down. I've brushed and scooped and backwashed many times and I'm keeping the FC at constant shock level. It will fall about 5-7 ppm while I'm at work but as soon as I'm home I throw the recommended amount of bleach in and its right back up. For my specific case, my FC is 20 for shock level as my CYA is 50. My pH is around 7.6. Now here is the kicker and what I'm assuming my biggest problem is . I know there is a little debris that has settled in my deep end and it's very difficult to get. I assume I'm stirring it up every time I go after it and thats why its so illusive. So finally, here are my questions. Could this bit of debris be keeping my pool cloudy? I assume it can't be more than a few nets worth that is spread out down there. Would it be better to try and vacuum or use the net? Last question. Suppose I'm able to pull it all out and my pool still won't clear up? Then what? Thank you so much for your time and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Cloudy Pool That Won't Clear Up

    Hello and welcome to TFP! The best thing you did was get that TF-100. As for your two questions:
    1 - The debris ... absolutely! The bleach will work on the organics, but cannot dissolve the hard debris. It would be in your best interest to keep working at that deep end. You can vacuum, but do it slowly and watch your suction to make sure you don't suck anything in that would create a clogged line. If you have a sand filter, vacuum to waste for a short period.
    2 - What if? ..... we'll see. We need a full set of TF-100 test results. Please post those so we can evaluate the entire package. Maybe post a pic of your water as well.

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    Re: Cloudy Pool That Won't Clear Up

    Hi, welcome to TFP! Yes, the debris at the bottom of the pool will make the slam go much, much slower. Scoop or vacuum it out and that should help. What type of filter do you have?
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