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Thread: Cover for the cover?

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    Cover for the cover?

    We purchased the house this winter and when opening the pool found that quite a few leaves and other debris can still make it into the pool despite the (above-ground) auto-cover; I would like to prevent that as much as possible.

    Seeing as how two sides are secured to the deck, I'm assuming most is coming in the front or back. I'm thinking we can wedge pool noodles under the front bar when not in use for extended periods (e.g., winter) and/or if a storm is coming, but for the back I'd like a more permanent solution if possible. I'm thinking most debris is coming in the back anyhow, when rolled out there's a bigger gap between the cover roll and the deck, and I'm guessing things are just blowing into that gap.

    Something like the pulley covers on each side, but cut in half so that it's rounded over the top of the cover reel would be really nice, but the cover itself is 32' wide, so I'm guessing a housing that size would be really expensive. The deck is fairly even, if not lower than the landscaping, so if nothing else, I think some kind of "wall" there would help create a barrier to stuff blowing straight in, even if it doesn't fully seal the gap. As a temporary solution I've put in some landscape border tiles right along the concrete; won't do too much for leaves, but at least keeps the mulch from running down onto the pool deck when it rains.

    Any suggestions or pictures of a solution others have used? Wife thought maybe just some 6x6 retaining wall logs, stacked a couple high, to create a bigger wall. I could make some kind of a wooden box that goes over it, but would need a way to support it along the middle, probably some kind of ground stakes or fastening it to the deck periodically. That would be a bit of work though to make it look nice, would require a decent amount of wood, and I'd have some concerns about longevity due to the elements and pool chemicals. I image we'd want the cover to be able to let water out of the pool area as well, so that's a consideration.

    Here's a couple pictures showing the front and back of the cover; just ignore the weeds - haven't gotten to the pool area yet...

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    Re: Cover for the cover?

    You could think about covering it with a large tarp anchored down with sand bags.

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