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Thread: Sand Filter issues

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    Sand Filter issues

    Okay, we had an issue filtering the water. All numbers were in the acceptable range but pool was cloudy. Added DE to filter. Pool got crystal clear minus some sand,dirt, debris on the bottom. Now we have vaccumed the pool and it seems the filter is just spitting it back into the pool. It is a very fine sand almost dust.
    Should I use a clarifier to clump it out and catch it?
    Until I can take apart the filter and service the sand check for lateral damage?
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    Re: Sand Filter issues

    I wouldn't use clarifier because I don't believe it will do anything other than possibly solidify and drop it on the bottom. I do believe when you use that stuff the water needs to be circulating as well, which you maybe could go into circulation mode without filtering and circulation mode may not reintroduce debris back into the pool. End result of that plan though as I see it is, if you get the fines solidified they will drop to the bottom and you still won't be able to "catch" them, they will just be stirred back into the water.

    Someone else could advise differently, but that's just my thoughts as a layman and how I would deal with it at home if I had to make choices and had no one to ask.
    I would check out the filter. I know when that happened to me I was told is could be something as simple as needing to replace my spider gasket. So I would start with the spider gasket, and then dig deeper if you have to.

    I know too they always say when you turn the knob on your multi-port you should always go the same direction, I am not sure if I was doing that until I read it, but I now always turn to whatever setting I need in a clockwise motion.
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