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Thread: New Coleman 18' x 48" Install

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    New Coleman 18' x 48" Install

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right forum but we started our above ground 18' Coleman build last week and thought I'd get a build thread going for others who might also be dipping their toes into AGP's for the first time like me. I purchased an Intex 18' off Craigslist for $100, knowing the liner was tore. When I got it the liner was tore beyond repair (confirmed by the TFP experts), so I purchased a Coleman 18' x 48" from Wal-Mart for right at $400 after tax. Any criticism is very welcome, as I said this is my first build and all I know is from what I read on this site.

    The spot we picked for the pool was about as level as my yard got. One side was approximately 8" low, so we dug out one side and moved / packed it on the other side.

    Mowing / staking out the circle. We went with a 22' circle. Old swing set in the background, sold to the neighbor.

    Started tilling up the high side, sod cutter would have been nice before doing this.

    Finished tilling and raking out the grass. The dirt was very wet so we had to wait a few days before continuing for it to dry out.

    Started moving dirt from one side to the other.

    Didn't have any pictures of this but we drove a stake in the center and used a 10' 2x4 and 4' level around the circle to get everything perfect.

    Added the sand over top from the old sand box. No real reason other than to get rid of it.

    Packed, re-leveled, wetted, and re-leveled a couple more times.

    Went with the 3/4 Owens Corning (Pink Panther) foam board as an underlayment. Insulation was part of it but mostly for a smooth bottom and protection of the liner from anything that might creep up as the ground settles.

    Foam board complete, it's a 20' circle.

    Triple taped the seams with house wrap tape.

    Prep is done. The pavers sitting on the foam are what we are going to use for under leg supports. The foam will be cut out and the dirt dug out and the pavers inserted flush with the foam board.

    And that's where we're at as of tonight.

    The plan for tomorrow is to put down a tarp, set up the liner and frame and put an inch or two of water in. Once that is done plumb up each of the legs and mark them. Then cut out the foam under one leg at a time and get the pavers set and level with each other.

    As I stated any tips or criticism is completely welcome. I'd like to think we're doing this right the first time, if there are any differing opinions I'd love to hear them!


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    Re: New Coleman 18' x 48" Install

    Great pics Tom, and thanks for sharing. Looks really nice.
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    Re: New Coleman 18' x 48" Install

    Put down the tarp that came with the pool, although "tarp" isn't what I'd call it as it's pretty thin.

    Top ring assembled, ready for legs.

    Filling her up.

    Pulled a string across in a couple of spots with a line level. Dead on to 1/2" off. Pretty good if you ask me.

    We're re-evaluating whether or not the legs need additional support under them or if they can set on the foam directly. Or maybe a 3/4 plywood under them to distribute the weight a little better. I know this is a lot of weight but most of it has to be down on the ground and not pulling down these legs, right? I'm going to let it fill for another couple of hours and go out and see if the legs are still moveable and decide whether or not to let it go all night. Opinions?

    Also had a nasty surprise of a leak in the bottom of the liner. I crawled around and found it, patched it, dried out the tarp under and we'll see if the patch is all it needed. Disappointing that it was out of the box that way but certainly could have been caused by us too even though we were pretty careful.

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