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Thread: large bugs on bottom of pool

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    large bugs on bottom of pool

    Good Afternoon all,

    I am new to pools and to the forum... I just started opening my pool after it was closed for about 3 years. It was winterized but no cover. I started to rake the bottom of the pool and although its not as bad as i feared; there are these bugs. Lots of them, in the swamp muck on the bottom. It's mostly this slimy green muck and leaves; but these bugs are unsettling. They are at least and inch long with 6 legs and an almost neon green underbelly. They look like grasshoppers without the wings.

    I will post a picture.

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    Re: large bugs on bottom of pool

    Time to vacuum to waste, check your levels, balance and chlorinate

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    Re: large bugs on bottom of pool

    I did something like this last year, one thing that helped me with the real heavy stuff was a large mouth fishing net with large square netting. It let the water through but the leaves stayed. I removed 3 pick up truck loads of debris that way. Sorry can't help with bugs other than to say I do not think they will last too long with slam levels of chlorine and I would start with that immediately. PS, I fooled around with pool store for 3 weeks before coming here, still had a swamp, but not as bad as when I started. 3 days of slamming water was pretty clear, 5 days finished slam, so It does work. I would get out as much of the leaves as possible with net then move to pool rake, but all the while with chlorine at slam levels slam levels for your CYA. If you have no idea what that is, start reading pool school here. Also when you get as much as you can with leaf rake it is time to vacuum, but I would suggest vacuuming to waste, you will loose same amount of water as vacuuming to filter then back-washing filter but wont destroy your media. If this is all Greek keep asking questions.
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