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Thread: Stupid Inground Vinyl question

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    Stupid Inground Vinyl question

    How deep is slope near wall in deep end. I see that it isn't a 90 degree angle and have never been in such a pool. Can you walk on the slope? Does it hinder you from getting in or out at the edge? Appreciate any description of what it is like when you are in the pool. I am looking at a 5'10' deep end.

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    Re: Stupid Inground Vinyl question

    There are no stupid questions... well there aren't many and this isn't one of them. The answer is it depends on the build specifications and builder for IG pools. Some pools have nearly a 90 in corners. Other pools have rounded bottom corners. Still others have longer slopes extending between the wall and floor of the pool. My pool has both. Nearly 90s in the shallow end but slightly rounded. The deep end has long slopes between the walls and floor, with a slight lip at the top of the slope. The possibilities are fairly endless. In AGPs, it's usually a fairly tight corner, close to 90 unless there are some installed foam corners or if it is intentionally rounded in a partially buried pool.
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    Re: Stupid Inground Vinyl question

    So if my pool is of a height you can stand in.. does that mean I can't walk to the wall in the "deep" end? Just wondering if I can hang out at the wall if I am in the pool. Thx!
    South Phila PA area.

    Sundance Spa; Chelsea (468 gallons). Former 28ft AGP owner for 20 years.

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