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Thread: Need to shock so often?

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    Need to shock so often?


    We are just beginning our pool journey. I bought an above ground 14' X 42'' pool for the kids to enjoy this summer. I have had it all set up now since Thursday (5 days). I purchased hth time to shock? test strips to let me know when I should add a shock treatment. I purchased the hth Shock treatment as well.

    I was wondering how accurate these test strips are? Thus far, I have needed to shock the pool every evening according to these test strips. The kids have been fantastic about going in to use the rest room and rinsing their feet off prior to getting in.

    Does this sound accurate? Should I be shocking my pool every evening and is there a better, hassle free way to know?

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Need to shock so often?

    Welcome to the forum!

    Does this sound accurate?
    Well..yes, and no. Yes, it may well be "accurate" in the sense that your pool needs chlorine every day, and the only source it has is the "shock" you've purchased.

    Should I be shocking my pool every evening
    Nope! Indeed, with a bit of time spent reading and learning, the whole goal of TFPC (Trouble Free Pool Care - what we preach and live by here) is that you may well NEVER need to shock your pool!

    and is there a better, hassle free way to know?
    Sure is, and you've found it!

    First, head over to Pool School (Link in my signature). Pay particular attention to how we test and maintain chlorine levels, and what we use to do it. (Hint : A TF-100 test kit (again, link in sig) and plain ole bleach!). Also read about the shock process (link in sig) and how we view it as just that...a process, not a product.

    For immediate takeaways :

    * Get yourself a *good* test kit, and toss out the guess strips. We recommend for either a TF-100 or K-2006 kit. This is THE most important step you take in taking control of your pool.
    * Understand at a minimum the chlorination process, Free Chlorine vs Combined Chlorine, CYA, and pH. All this info can be found in pool school.
    * Read about "SLAM" - Shock Level and Maintain - So you'll know if it IS necessary to shock your pool, and how to do it effectively so it isn't a constant necessity.

    Again, welcome aboard, and feel free to ask any questions you may have! This is a great community, full of a lot of smart and kind people.
    Pool School helps me maintain my 13,500G 24' x 48" ASP with Sand Filtration using a TF100 Test Kit and Pool Calculator.
    Remember, the Shock Process should be followed until : 1. CC is less than 0.5 ppm, 2. An OCLT shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less and, 3. The water is crystal clear.
    --I didn't buy my pool to swim in it. I bought my pool to watch my wife swim in it. :wink:

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    Re: Need to shock so often?

    Stacia, welcome to TFP!

    Pool school will change your pool ownership life for the better. Knowledge is power and you'll end up spending a lot less time taking care of your pool; as a bonus, your pool will be unbelievably clear like you might have never seen a pool before.

    Getting that TF-100 that gboulton recommended will be the key!
    11,700 gallon 21' round 54" deep all-resin AGP - June 2012
    Waterway 1HP 2-speed pump / 100 sq ft cartridge filter
    Hayward 150,000btu Natural Gas heater
    I use and recommend the TF-100 for testing

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    Re: Need to shock so often?

    Thank you for the info and the welcomes! Much appreciated

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