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Thread: Hayward SP2303VSP priming question & Quick Clean

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    Hayward SP2303VSP priming question & Quick Clean

    So I'm getting ready to configure our new pump to run 4 times a day for about 2.5 hrs each time. One thing we've noticed is that when the pump starts up a new session (timer 1 right now ends at 11:45pm and then restarts at 12am), it runs a priming session which right now is configured for 8 minutes. Is this normal? If so, is there any danger with cutting the prime time down to about 30 seconds because it really doesn't need to prime. It's already filled with water and goes immediately to full pressure, but is loud and is running at full speed. I guess I always thought of priming as something you do when the pump hasn't been running normally (at least, that's what we have to do with our cappuccino machine when we haven't been using it regularly!), but not something that is done every time the pump starts up.

    My plan is to have it run for 10-12 hours a day at a medium speed (1750rpm), which is much lower pressure and uses much less electricity and see if it keeps the pool clean.

    Another thing happened when we cleaned the pool for the first time. We use nylon socks in the skimmer basket to collect the bulk of the big stuff and allow us to clean the cartridges less often. After we ran the first cleaning, we saw a bunch of leaves, etc. in the pump skimmer which surprised us since they should have been caught in the skimmer sock. Cleaned it out and then went to the skimmer to try to figure out what was going on and discovered that the sock had actually broken through the bottom of the basket, had torn, and thus let a bunch of garbage through. Thank goodness the sock itself wasn't able to get into the pipe because we had a rock holding it in place that was large enough to prevent that from happening. The Quick Clean setting on the pump is 3450rpm which is pretty powerful so we're not sure if the skimmer basket was just ready to break or if we have to be careful when we clean. Now we're worried about the socks being pulled into the pump and wonder if anyone has seen anything like this before.
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    Re: Hayward SP2303VSP priming question & Quick Clean

    I run my VS pump from sun up to sunset right now at 1100 rpm (150 watts) to skim, filter and make chlorine with the SWG. It is also in standby mode for solar so that the solar controller can turn on solar when heat is available. I change the run times up throughout the year for leaves, run at night during summer to cool the pool, etc.

    My Pentair pump has two options regarding priming, one is the prime speed, I use 1800 rpm because my pump is about a foot below the waterline and doesn't need much suction to prime. The other option is called prime sensitivity. It is defaulted to most sensitive and I changed it to about half sensitivity. So, when the pump restarts now it runs at 1800 rpm for just a few seconds and reverts to scheduled RPM. That made it a lot better, hopefully the Hayward has a similar feature.
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