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Thread: SWG bad?

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    SWG bad?

    I was just to my local chain pool store and the guy was all negative on SWG.

    "They are expensive" and "the salt will corrode your pool and equipment" and "sewer companies are considering it a toxic waste because of the salt" were his comments.

    He claimed everyone is going with UV instead.

    What's up with this?

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    Re: SWG bad?

    My guess, he sells UV systems and does not sell SWGs.

    A SWG is a little expensive to install, and the cell needs to be replaced every three to five years, also somewhat expensive. On the other hand, you no longer need to purchase chlorine. Depending on the pool and the SWG, the SWG might end up costing less, but for most residential users the SWG will end up costing more. Most people feel that the convenience is worth the extra money.

    It is possible for salt to corrode pool equipment, but this hardly ever happens in practice. Most people have no problems at all. Most of the remainder discover a couple of screws or bolts that were made of inferior materials. Only extremely rarely is there a dramatic problem.

    Pool levels of salt in sewer water is a minor issue in a few places. Comparing it to toxic waste is ridiculous.

    UV must be used in combination with a sanitizer. There is no way you can simply switch a SWG for a UV system and still be able to use the pool, without also adding chlorine (or some other approved sanitizer). Even when used with chlorine, UV systems are not particularly helpful for outdoor pools. The sun already provides large amounts of UV light to the pool.
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    Re: SWG bad?

    Thanks again Jason.

    I had talked with my local sewer company about the local gyms going to salt water pools and my concerns over its use because of the ban on water softeners discharge.

    The guy said they actually like the small amounts of salt since it disinfects the sewage it comes in contact with and it dilutes out within the system as a whole.

    I pointed this out to the salesman and he was stumped. Obviously I am not buying from this company.

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    Re: SWG bad?

    I pointed this out to the salesman and he was stumped. Obviously I am not buying from this company.
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    Re: SWG bad?

    Not sure if you can call this "truth". Salt does not provide any disinfection, in itself, much less traveling through a sewer system as its being discharged.

    However, there are may who love salt, and a few who hate salt systems. I would suggest that you be careful with the stories you hear on both sides of the fence.

    mtbarr, Aqualine Pools in your area has done many residential and commercial salt systems and can advise you of how salt systems operate in your area of the country.

    Simply said, SWG is not bad.
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