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Thread: Variable Speed Pump

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    Variable Speed Pump

    I kept getting a low flow light on my SWG, took it off and cleaned it. The low flow stayed on, decided that i needed to change the sand in the filter (it's been 7 years) found a broken lateral and fixed that. Now the low flow sensor is off. Went to vacuum the pool and did not have enough suction to clean the sand in the pool, I had it even set to waste to bypass the filter. it looks like my single speed one horse hayward pump needs to be replaced. I want to get a variable speed pump but I do not know what to get. The hayward pumps are difficult to follow model numbers and i'm really not sure what to buy. I'm looking for your feedback to help me.

    Here is what I have, 18 X 36 inground no deep end, it is just under 4 1/2 feet deep (24,000 gallons or 88,000 liters) no bottom drain and all 1.5 inch lines. the skimmer is 25 feet away from pump and 2 outputs (1 at 15 feet and the other at 35). The filter is a hayward S244t2 with 300lbs of sand and I have an aquarite t15 cell. All wired to 230V.

    I'm near Ottawa Ontario so electricity is on the high side and only use the pool 4 months a year. I plan on adding a raypak NG heater in the near future as well.

    Thanks in advance,

    22yr pool owner, 21 yrs Baquacil, installed SWG 2009 - (22000 gal Vinyl In-ground pool)(Pool Pilot DG-220 SWG)(Hayward S244T Sand Filter 3.1 sq ft area 20 gpm)(Hayward SP2607X10 1hp pump)

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    Re: Variable Speed Pump

    My best guess... Not that I haven't researched, look at the Pentair SuperFlo VS pump. Heads-up, Hayward and Pentair are "almost clones" but have price diffs..
    So which one is best??? No clue. My VS Superflo has saved me money, runs 22hrs per day on 3 different speeds I program, and pool is crystal since water movement. Bad part, I have to clean the filter more often. Your thinking of a Raypak Heater is a good one. My view is get a Variable Speed Pump, change the sand in your filter. Your SWG is a Hayward, different name.
    Viking Fiberglass 12500 gal - Rockport, Raypak Heater - cupra-nickel, 300k+ BTU, Hayward 2030 Cartridge Filter, Pentair SuperFlo variable speed pump 2hp, and Hayward SWG system - t-15.

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    Re: Variable Speed Pump

    The Hayward Maxflo VS 1-1/2hp pump or the Pentair Superflow VS 1-1/2 pump are good choices.

    I vote no to changing the sand and deep cleaning it instead, Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter
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    Re: Variable Speed Pump

    Just as a FYI on VS pumps. It seems counterintuitive, but the larger HP pumps are actually more energy efficinent, (or should I say easier onte electric bill) than the smaller ones.
    The reason this is true is because the larger impeller and HP, can move X amount of water using less RPM's than the smaller VS pumps can.

    Fewer RPMs equals less power used.

    Its all about how much flow can be generated for x amount of dollars and the large VS pumps win.

    So, thats food for thought when considering a VS pump.
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Variable Speed Pump

    That is great information. When I removed the multiport valve, and opened the drain on the sand filter, the water would not drain out. I had to suck the water out with shop vac. Once the excess water was removed, the unit was a little over half filled with sand. I removed the sand from the filter and found a lateral that had a small break in it, I changed the complete lateral assembly and put new sand. I thought the sand in the pool was just from the wind and kids bring it in but it was actually the filter slowly losing sand.

    I have been told that the Pentair SuperFlo VSP and the Sta-rite SuperMax VSP are the same pump only a different color. The nice thing about these two is they work on 115V or 230V. From a Hayward perspective you have to buy the pump with the appropriate voltage as they are not dual voltage. I can get a Pentair SuperFlo VSP for $870 and a Hayward Maxflo VSP for $940. Sounds like these are both on par and should go with the Pentair SuperFlo.
    22yr pool owner, 21 yrs Baquacil, installed SWG 2009 - (22000 gal Vinyl In-ground pool)(Pool Pilot DG-220 SWG)(Hayward S244T Sand Filter 3.1 sq ft area 20 gpm)(Hayward SP2607X10 1hp pump)

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    Re: Variable Speed Pump

    Or the Pentair intelliflo 011018 3hp. Price is about $850 in the US. I bought one a couple years ago and love it.
    Tucson, AZ
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    Re: Variable Speed Pump

    I will be replacing my single speed with vs pump in the future. Not sure about your set up as far as timers go, but I learned last week through the forum and research that you have to make sure your SWG is not powered on when the vs pump isn't running. Possibility of it exploding if it's powered up when pump isn't running.

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