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Thread: SWG start up low mineral (Salt) reading?

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    SWG start up low mineral (Salt) reading?

    Closing pool in the fall means emptying the pool about 40% +/-. Topping up the pool means adding salt in the spring at start up time. I have a Mineral Springs MS-10 generator which does not give today's reading (default reading) of salt level. The generator will not go on if the salt level is too low which means there is not a reasonable way of determining the level of salt in the water.
    How do I measure enough salt added? Or am I missing something?


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    Re: SWG start up low mineral (Salt) reading?

    A salt tester would be the easiest, I think.

    Googling for the manual, ity looks like you just keep pushing the diagnostic button.
    Diagnostic Displays
    Sequential pushes of the small "diagnostic" button next to the LCD display will
    cause the Mineral Springsto display the following information:
    1 Pool temperature (xx degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius)
    2. Cell voltage (typically 22.0 to 25.0 volts when sanitizer is being generated,
    otherwise 30-35V)
    3. Cell current (typically 4.50 to 7.80 amps when sanitizer is being generated,
    otherwise 0 amps)
    4. Sanitizer Output Control % ("0P" -- "100P" depending on knob position.
    5. Instant mineral level ( -xxxx ppm or -x.xx grams/Liter)
    6. AL-0, AL-1, AL-2 will display (not applicable for MS-20/21/22/23 models)
    7. Software revision level (r1.xx)
    On the 8th push of the button the display will revert back to the default mineral
    display. Also, if the button is not pushed for 30 seconds, the display will revert
    back to the standard mineral display.
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