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Thread: Jandy FHPM1.0 - big drop in suction

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    Jandy FHPM1.0 - big drop in suction

    Hello TFP family,

    I had a nice algae bloom when I opened this year so I've been slamming - the pool has gotten "almost" clear after a week of 24/7 SWG boosts and filtering. This morning I went out and saw the skimmer basket floating, although the pump was still going. Uh oh.

    So I cleared the couple leaves in that basket, then went to the pump strainer - a little gunk in there, cleaned. Took cartridge filter apart and thoroughly cleaned all cartridges. Everything back together, and the pump is still very anemic - can barely get water up into the pump basket, and barely through the pump at all, the filter housing took forever to fill and when it finally did the level of water in the pump basket dropped, raised, dropped... obviously the pump is still struggling.

    So I searched and saw a recommendation from JasonLion to clear the impeller:

    Jandy FloPro working harder now FHPM1.0-2

    I reached my hand in and felt it, there was nothing caught up on it.

    That thread ended - I'm wondering if anyone has any additional steps I can take to troubleshoot this pump?

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    Re: Jandy FHPM1.0 - big drop in suction

    What is the psi when the pump is running? What does your water look like? Can you post current test results?
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    Re: Jandy FHPM1.0 - big drop in suction

    Well, I feel like a tool. It turned out to be my skimmer basket somehow got miraculously caught in a tipped position, slightly holding the flapper to the skimmer closed, creating air infiltration. I still don't understand how the skimmer basket was floating when I checked it this morning ... maybe we had a brief power outage that allowed the basket to float out? That mystery remains, but for now the pump seems to be working ok.

    I do have an issue with my psi - my reading shows in the 'dirty' range when I've already cleaned it very well with a power washer. But I was just reading some TFP posts about cleaning the cartridges with dishwasher detergent, so I'm going to try that and a few other troubleshooting steps before I bother you gentlemen again.

    Thanks - chalk it up to newbieness.

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    Re: Jandy FHPM1.0 - big drop in suction

    A big rock (bigger than the hole in the bottom) will weight down a skimmer basket nicely.
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