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Thread: Chlorine level staying low

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    Chlorine level staying low

    Hi, I moved into a home last August that has an above ground pool. Pool ownership is brand new to me and I'm slowly learning. I am having trouble with the chlorine levels. I have been going to the pool store for input on how to balance the chemicals, but I'm getting frustrated and would like a second opinion. The latest test, from last weekend, says the following:

    FC - 0.1 ppm
    TC - 0.89 ppm
    CC - 0.79 ppm
    pH - 7.4
    TA - 98 ppm
    Hardness - 197 ppm
    CYA - 3 ppm

    The pool was opened for the season during the first week of May. It was covered over the winter but when it was opened, there were quite a few leaves at the bottom. We have cleaned it up as well as we can. 10 gallons of shock were added over about 4 weeks, along with some calcium, algaecide, and pH plus. This was all added per what the store said each time I went in. The chlorine level has never read above 0.5 on my AquaChek test strips and is always low per the store's tester. Last weekend I went back to the store and they suggested I add 5 gallons of liquid chlorine at once at night. They also said that the hardness is low and the stabilizer is low, but not to worry about that yet. They said that the next day I should expect the test strip to turn purple, the chlorine level would decrease over a few days, and then I should test it again. Well, the following morning the test strip was white (0). In the afternoon it read 0.5, and the following day it read 0 again.

    I'm going to follow up with the store again but I assume they will continue to tell me to add more chlorine and wait a few days. Just from looking around this site I think that's not the answer, but can someone more experienced than me confirm? What are your thoughts?
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    Re: Chlorine level staying low

    Hello and welcome to TFP! If I could give you one big recommendation first ... STOP! Don't go to the pool store for anything. They've already steered you in the wrong direction and took some of your paycheck. The first thing you need to do is order a TF-100 test kit (link below) and test the water on your own. Taking control of your pool is #1 and it's easy! The TF-100 is a legitimate test kit, packed with Taylor reagents to ensure accurate testing anytime. That's the foundation for all pool care. While you are waiting, please review and/or bookmark the links you see below in my signature as they will serve you well this season.

    Let us know if you have any questions, and please get that kit as soon as you can and post your OWN numbers. We just can't use pool store test results. Sorry. have a great weekend.

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    Also while you are waiting, simply add 1/2 gallon of regular liquid bleach to your pool each evening. That's all, nothing else right now.
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