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Thread: Cloudy greenish water-Please help!

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    Cloudy greenish water-Please help!

    Hi Everyone. I am new to the site and to pool ownership. I was hoping our headaches were over once I got the site leveled and assembled our a/g pool, but now I am dealing with what I believe to be an algae problem. The water was clear as the pool was being filled, but by the time it was full, it was already turning greenish and getting cloudier. I have been taking basically any advice from anyone who will give it. In a nutshell, I have been told to just keep adding shock until it clears, but I have been afraid of adding too much. I have an 13,000 gal. Intex Metal frame pool. As far as the pump is concerned, it is the 2500 gal/hr model, and I have been running it 24/7. I have hosed off the filter twice in the past 3 days. I have put in 64oz of the 48% Cal-hypo as well. (Not all at once). The water clarity and color isn't getting any better. I read through pool school and it has helped me understand all of this tremendously, but would really appreciate advice for a quick and inexpensive fix. I bought some test strips this evening and my numbers appear to be...

    TH = 100

    FC = 10-20 (I had just added the last 16 of the 64 oz of Cal-hypo 90 mins prior)

    PH = 8.4

    TA = 120

    CYA = 0

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    Re: Cloudy greenish water-Please help!

    First thing you need is a good test kit. There are three that we recommend as being the best value for the money. Anything esle juist won't cut it! Second, you need some CYA in your water, this is probably why your pool turned green in the first place.

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    Re: Cloudy greenish water-Please help!

    Hey whataguy72 and welcome to the forum

    Yep, I agree with waterbear. You do need a good test kit. Link in my sig for my fav TF100.

    You do need to get some CYA in your water ASAP. You can find it at WallyWorld, Lowes,etc. and it is often labeled as conditioner or stabilizer. The ingredients listed will be cynauric acid.

    You are also going to need some muriatic acid. I get it at Lowes, about $10 for 2 gals. Your pH "looks" way to high, but with your FC 10-20(?) the test is probably off.

    When the FC drops below 10, restest your pH. Keep it adjusted to 7.4 - 7.8.

    Can you take a water sample to a pool store (for now) and have it tested? Also, take a sample of your fill water for them to test.

    Post their test results and we can give better advice.
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