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Thread: How do my numbers look?

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    How do my numbers look?

    FC 2.2 - I was sitting closer to 3 but when the temp went up this week it's fallen a bit. I turned up the generator and hopefully should be back to 3 or 4 soon

    CC 0.2 - Looks OK to me

    CYA 80 - I thought I was closer to 40. Good thing I bought some extra R-0013 and tested before I added any extra

    Alk 90 - Looks ok but I don't want to go any higher

    CH 100 - I'm told this is OK for a vinyl pool. Right?

    PH 7.4 - I Had aerated this for 7.2 to 7.6 at the beginning of the year but it's dropped back down again. Is 7.4 ok o should I raise it a bit? Is aeration my only option if I don't want to increase my Alk? Last time it took a week and I needed to leave the solar blanket off so the pool was freezing

    Salt 2900 - The generator recommends 3200 PPM so I might add another half bag and see what happens. Scared to put too much in.

    Anything else I should worry about? In the past, I've had sudden green pools even though I thought I was on top of everything. I'd prefer not to repeat this year.
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    Installed April 2012

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    Re: How do my numbers look?

    It looks like you have a handle on things.

    The pH will rise slowly over time with the TA and SWG. Don't sweat it. The FC level is the one to watch. Better to run a little high than a little low. What's it cost you? A few cents in electricity a month? The pump is running already, right? That's the power hog.
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