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Thread: PH test purple, wait and see?

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    Wink PH test purple, wait and see?

    Hi everyone. We are new pool owners in San Antonio and took possession of pool right after the history hail storm etc. It took us a while to get a grip on it and ignore all of the chemicals that were left behind. I was able to get the pool balanced without need to adjust chlorine or ph/alkalinity for about 4 days last week and then a storm came through. I had been able to significantly reduce algae but still some trace on walls (old plaster.. will have to redo in next year, but today is not the day!). Family issues with aging parents presented a potential for me to be out of town for an extended period so I started sourcing pool support both in cleaning and in chemical applications. I chose to have one chemical process done so I could ask questions and perhaps get the algae out. Good news is that we agree with what I am doing that I do not need chemical maintenance from a company. yay and thank you TFP! So, in an effort to deal with algae before I am not here we did one treatment with chorine gas, bicarbonate, and sodium bromide to get the algae. Indeed today things are not as greet and the company will be here tomorrow to professionally clean the pool. This morning's chemistry however, is a challenge. Let me preface this by saying that I tried to use as much of my first/basic test kit before buying another. I tried to purchase the one I wanted at Leslie's on Tuesday but they could not provide answers for my questions so have ordered it online. So I have the basic kit. Doesn't register chlorine above 5.0 etc. Chlorine is clearly above 5.0. PH is purple and I can get it to clear which didn't make sense until I read another post. Alkalinity was at 60 so I brought it up to 100. The post I viewed mentioned a high level of bromine interfering with the test. I am assuming this is true due to the addition of sodium bromide. So... the question is... should I wait? Just let the pool sit for another day and see where it is at? We are less than 24 hours past the chemical application. I am totally fine with waiting, but being relatively new... wasn't sure that was the best course of action at this time.

    Any input would be great. Thanks!

    BTW the pool company was very cool with this site and the processes supported rather than chemical treatments for everything. Thanks for this site!
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    Re: PH test purple, wait and see?

    Hello Kristi and welcome to TFP! Always good to have another local with us, and hopefully you don't have too many dimples in your car from that hail store last month. Woo! It's great that you are ready to take control of your pool. I would recommend to you however that in doing so, you must have the right test kit. True, locally you won't find exactly what you need. But you can order it on-line, and believe me it's a great value - the TF-100 (link below). I got mine 2-3 years ago and could never imagine owning a pool without it. It's a kit developed with Taylor reagents and additional items designed to last longer and give you all the reading your need. So to answer your question .... wait. Do not adjust anything else in your water without knowing at the bare minimum - pH, CYA, and FC (up to and over 5 ppm). The TF-100 will give you that and much more.

    By all means, ask any questions you have. There are many great people here ready to lend a helping hand - many of us even local on TFP.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, and maybe I missed it in the details but your title says purple pH. At the very least, you can get a simple HTH drop test kit for about $6 at Wal-Mart to test pH. You do not want pH over 7.8. If it is, you need to use muriatic acid to lower it. How much? Use the Poolmath calculator (link below in my sig) to help you determine that. You will use that calculator very often.
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