So, we've had our pool for about 7 months (came with the house ) The Polaris is about 18 yrs old, it's a 280 model. Over the past 4 months or so we've had to replace a lot of the parts, 2 wheel bearings, 3 wheels, 3 tires, and the bag in addition to at least 5 visits to our local pool store to get it back up and running. It works great for 2-3 weeks then we are back in the shop. The last time we took it in a wheel had just fallen off in the middle of the cleaning cycle. This morning I noticed it wasn't moving (again) pulled it up and saw that one of the wheels we just replaced (the wheel and bearing) was totally out of alignment. Is it normal for these machines to need so much upkeep? Our pool has about 4 stairs, could it be breaking on those? Are we getting bad parts/service should we try a different shop? Do we need to replace the whole thing?

Also, our pool gets very dirty after rain b/c we are at the bottom of a hill. I've noticed that I have to clean the little filter where the Polaris hose connects to the wall about once every 4 hours until the pool is clean again, could this be part of the issue?

We just cleaned the filters a month ago and empty out the baskets every 1-2 days.

Thanks! Sorry for all the questions.