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Thread: My new pool is "bugging" me

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    My new pool is "bugging" me

    I just bought a house in December that had an 24' x 48" AG in the back yard that needed alot of work. It was half full of dark murky water, cut liner in spots near the top, and was missing the pump and filter. Guess the previous owners took it with them? After months of working on the house and it getting hotter it was time to work on the pool. With careful consideration it was decided that it would be cheaper to just buy a new pool and have it professionaly installed. So this past Friday my brand new 24' x 52" pool was installed. Now I just need to redo the deck that is now too short and badly rotted. For the past couple of days I have been keeping an eye on the pool as it is filling up. When I go out to check it all of the top rails (resin) are covered with millions (it seems like) of tiny yellow bugs. I sprayed them down with ant poison, but the next day they were back. From what I found online they are called thrips. Is this correct? Why are they covering my pool? They swarm all over me when I go near the pool and I cannot enjoy it. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how do I get rid of them?
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    Re: My new pool is "bugging" me

    I've never heard of them, made for an interesting read. I wonder if the pool install disturbed their nest? A normal insecticide should kill them, I would spray the ground around the perimeter of the pool. It may just be the hatching phase, sounds like you are seeing the nymphs, and eventually if the spray doesn't kill them, hopefully they'll move on.
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    Re: My new pool is "bugging" me

    Thrips are a nuisance as they tend to bite ferociously compared to their size. Luckily, they tend to be a springtime pest and usually, at least where I live, disappear by late June.

    Best thing to do to keep them from biting you is to apply a DEET formulated repellent. You can control them somewhat by treating the yard and shrubs with pyrethrin-based insecticide that is formulated for plant application. Talstar is an insecticide that many pest control operators use for these things. The problem with spraying for thrips is that they are so small, the wind carries them considerable distances and although your yard has been treated, the hundreds of acres around you has not. Makes it kind of futile.

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