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Thread: Last 2 questions....hopefully!

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    Last 2 questions....hopefully!

    In the process of replacing our intex 16x48 with a new one. The new one has 2 intakes/suctions going to pump and 1 return. I have purchased Hayward skimmer and plan to use original return and convert one of the intakes to a return. Here's my question....If you are looking at the pool from the outside you have the original return on the far left, then the two intakes on the right. I want to put the skimmer in between the two original intakes and make the intake on the left the converted return and leave the other intake to the right as an intake. So working around the pool from left to right that would give me the original return, the converted return much lower then the other, then the skimmer, then the other intake. Will that work or will the converted return being that close to the skimmer effect the skimmer's ability to do it's job?

    Lastly, if i have made the intex 1 1/2 inch hose adapters from the box adapters from Lowes will they screw directly onto the bottom of the plunger valves without a gasket since the plunger valves have an o ring at the base where they insert into the normal intex hoses?

    Hope this all makes sense.

    Thanks for all the help you guys have given me!
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    Re: Last 2 questions....hopefully!

    A lot of people including myself hook up the skimmer and one of the intakes in parallell using valves and a T. That way you can vary the suction for vacuuming and avoid running the pump dry if the water level drops. Make sure you have an adjustable return that is pointed away from the skimmer and at a 45 degree down angle. That way you get optimal circulation in the pool even if the return is close to the skimmer.
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    Re: Last 2 questions....hopefully!

    You should be fine, but I actually purchased a slightly bigger o-ring so the box adaptor would fit more snug under the plunger valve. The existing o-ring was a little loose for the box adaptor

    I also made my own gasket to inside the Intex nut/box adaptor assembly when I mounted my pipe to the plunger valve for extra precaution.

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