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Thread: Intex 30" ten foot diameter care: total newbie here

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    Intex 30" ten foot diameter care: total newbie here

    Ok. I've been reading so much about this and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I set up a ten foot Intex easy set pool today. I used a cup full of 8.25% bleach and ran the pump. Used test strips. Stabilizer level is 0. Should I use chlorine tablets with conditioner instead of bleach at first to condition? Also TA is low. (Ph is around 7.5.) Should I add baking soda to increase TA? Also, how long should I be running the pump each day? Any help is appreciated. Little overwhelmed here! Thank you!! 😊

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    Re: Intex 30" ten foot diameter care: total newbie here

    Welcome to TFP! First, I would suggest dispensing with the test strips - I often refer to them as "guess strips" since their results are given in a range instead of a more precise value. Here is a comparison of the Recommended Test Kits.

    Also TA is low. (Ph is around 7.5.)
    The cornerstone of what we teach starts with accurate and precise test results. Stating that TA is "low" is too vague to offer good advice on whether it needs to be adjusted up or down or perhaps be left as-is.

    Should I use chlorine tablets with conditioner instead of bleach at first to condition?
    We suggest adding granular CYA vs. using trichlor tabs. The granular CYA will get added to your pool much faster than the slow-dissolving tabs. In addition, the granular CYA moves primarily one parameter at a time - namely CYA (Note: there is a very negligible impact to pH). In comparison, the tabs move three parameters: chlorine, CYA, and pH (to a noticeably higher extent than granular CYA).

    As for how long to run the pump, there is no one right answer. Here is the method I used to determine the normal baseline for my pool: Determine Pump Run Time. I adjust it based on specific situations such as abnormally high levels of debris in the pool and before & after pool parties.

    Summing up my recommendations:
    1. Get one of the recommended test kits.
    2. While you are waiting for the test kit to arrive, I would suggest reading the following Pool School articles:
      a. ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
      b. Recommended Pool Chemicals
      c. Recommended Levels
      d. Pool Math

    If you do the above, that overwhelming feeling will soon go away.

    Suggest adding information about your pool and related equipment in your signature. By doing this, it will automatically appear in all your posts so you do not have to re-enter it each time. If you have a SWG, please include those letters in your signature so it stands out as the advice for SWG vs. non-SWG is often different.[/list]
    Here's how to do this: Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post.
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    Re: Intex 30" ten foot diameter care: total newbie here

    Welcome to TFP!

    With a pool that small we do have another process, Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools

    You can use this on pools that are small enough to just drain and refill as needed.
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