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Thread: Opened a clear pool again

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    Opened a clear pool again

    So I opened my pool on Saturday and it was crystal clear just as I closed it. Less than 10mins of vaccuming needed to get some small debris from bottom.

    I threw in 1gallon of 12% liquid bleech and got all my equipment running the first day.

    I took my first readings the following day after having the pump run overnight. My FC read at 10PPM, my CC=0, CYA =90, PH 7.0

    I have added some PH plus to get that level up. I was very surprised at my FC & CYA level. Do those numbers seem possible for a pool that was closed up since last summer (other than the fact I added chlorine)?

    just read another thread and I am questioning my CYA level based on how I did the test...I was under an umbrella sitting at the table. Will re-do this first tomorrow to see if I need to get some stabilizer in there asap before my FC disappears into the sunset!

    I have a Taylor kit and have been using it for a couple of years now, so I have it down. I plan on taking another set of readings tomorrow since we had rain overnight.
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    Re: Opened a clear pool again

    Hello! Definitely re-do the CYA test with bright light at your back tomorrow if the sun is out. That could make a difference. Until then, I wouldn't do anything too drastic since so much depends on your CYA. If it's still high (above 70 for example), that's quite interesting since most people have the opposite problem. We'll see. But hey, you're crystal clear! Fantastic.

    Oh, don't forget to update your location under your user name for us. That also helps us with your questions.
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    Re: Opened a clear pool again

    DON'T add any stabilizer!!! That is CYA and your level is already high.

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    Next time just use borax or aeration to get the pH up with a high TA.

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    Re: Opened a clear pool again

    Testing in dim light or shade will make the dot disappear faster than it would in bright light. And since the scale is upside down, lower level in the view tube means higher CYA. You probably have a falsely high reading for just that reason.

    The beauty is that you know your pool well enough to question it! If you went to a pool store and they tested it and got 90, they'd say it was fine. Next week you go in without having added any and a different clerk will get 30 and say you're low and sell you some and you'd dump it in. And then the week after someone reads 170 and tells you to drain! You do your own testing and you know that it shouldn't be where it is because you haven't added any. That's the essence of TFP. Knowledge and self-testing.
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