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Thread: New Filter poor suction

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    New Filter poor suction

    Hello All,

    I hope I can be as informative as possible with my pool problem. We recently moved into our house and proceeded to reopen the in ground pool here. The pump was junk so we installed a new pump. We hooked everything up and had no suction at skimmers or water flow from jets. The pool was green as grass. We added shock DE and bleach. We also scooped out multiple frogs and chipmunk from the pool. We had a Hayward Perflex filter with the bumper. It seemed to have it's time probably 25 + years and purchased a new Hayward ProGrid DE 326c filter. Hooked all new plumbing and pump up. It worked for 3 hours.
    Today we attempted to vacuum and can only get good suction from skimmers while in waste setting. Earlier this morning we removed the filter cleaning element and it was filled with debris cleaned it out put filter back together and vacuumed pool again on waste setting. After 15 mins pump basket was filled with leaves and pine needles. We put filter valve back to filter got about 5 mins of jet pressure but little skimmer suction. Filter pressure maintains 20 psi. Is it time to call a pool technician?

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    Re: New Filter poor suction

    Hello and welcome to TFP. What you must realize is that the DE filter, any type filter for that matter, has its limitations. If your pool is a yucky as you are describing, it is very likely you may have clogged a line from your skimmer to the pump. Some of it made it to the pump strainer basket, but eventually it may have gotten overloaded. Not positive yet, but possible. In addition, the grids in your DE filter will become overloaded with algae and junk very fast requiring constant backwashing.

    I would recommend the following:
    1 - Try to use a garden hose and insert it into the pump strainer basket like you want to push water back to the poolside skimmer. Wrap a rag around the hose where it enters the basket and try to keep pressure while you push water back towards the pool. Have someone watch to see if you are getting flow.
    2 - Test results? We need to see test results of your water from a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006. If you don't have one, please see the TF-100 (link below).
    3 - Manually sweep/brush as much debris out of the pool as you can before attempting to vacuum. The system can become overloaded quickly.
    4 - Water level permitting, vacuum to waste in the early stages so that your pump strainer basket can continue to pick-up debris.

    Try those things and let us know if you see any results. We'll go from there. Nice to have you with us.
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    Re: New Filter poor suction

    Welcome to TFP!

    A couple of housekeeping issues first. Please add your state to your location so that we know your climate when we are helping you with your pool. Climate is an important factor in the advice we give. Also, add your pool info to your signature so that we know what kind of pool we are helping with. More here, Pool School - Read This Before You Post

    Your filter is doing what it is supposed to do, filtering debris out of your pool. It is not designed to clear algae and squirrels from your pool and will therefore clog QUICKLY when it is subjected to extremely dirty conditions. Filters do not clear up green pools chlorine does. First, thing to do is order a TF100 with XL option from Once you add your pool gallons to your signature we can suggest an amount of bleach to add to the pool daily. Also, brush the pool. When you get the test kit post some test results and get ready to Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain your pool.

    Meanwhile, read some Pool School in between brushing and scooping. Start here, Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry then here, Pool School - Getting Started

    Backwash your filter when the pressure rises 25% above clean pressure.
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