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Thread: Catterpillars in my pool!!??

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    Catterpillars in my pool!!??

    Hi! I'm not very good at this pool thing - so would really appreciate your help. I now have critters.

    We started opening the pool 2 weeks ago. Admittedly, we did a pretty poor job of closing it (bought a do it yourself kit, but the cover didn't entirely stay on the pool). Used about 12 bags of shock, water started clearing up. Cleaned out a lot of debris..... day after day. Water was light green but still couldn't see the bottom. Running filter 24 hours. Managed to pull out a rather stinky dead squirrel - EEEEKKK

    Went away for 3 nights....had to turn off filter as all the stringys are coming off the oak and falling into the pool. Returned home, cleaned top, leaf eating the bottom, filter back on. Now I'm finding lots of green caterpillars among the leaves I pull out (YUCK). And they are still alive after I've thrown in 9 bags of shock.

    Any idea of what they are and how to get rid of them? I'm also finding little white flakes.

    The pool is above ground, 12x24 feet, chlorine. New filter cartridge.......
    Appreciate the help!!
    Inherited pool.... constant trouble. I'm just not good at this!!
    Pool is above ground, vinyl liner. Oval shape, about 12 feet wide by 24 feet long. Just installed a new cartridge.... we don't use the heater. 3 big oak trees right near pol cause constant grief. Last year it took weeks to get it clear enough to see the bottom.....we seem to dump more chemicals in that any other pool owner. Would love your advice!!

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    Re: Catterpillars in my pool!!??

    Im sure the caterpillars fell from the trees. If it rained recently, the rain may have knocked them off. The catepillar cycle is short though, so they should be gone soon enough.

    I would recommend that you read the articles in Pool School. Click the big button at top right of the page.
    The articles and methods described there will teach you how to take care of your pool.

    hope this helps,
    Divin Dave,
    IG Vinyl, 15' x 30', 3 1/2' - 6' deep, Oval, ~15K gal, Intelliclor IC40, Intelliflo VS pump, Clean and Clear 420 Filter, auto-fill-disabled, Retrofit LED Color Light, Dolphin Nautilus Robot, TF100 Test Kit, Taylor K1766 Salt Test Kit, Tftestkit Pressure Gauge. Experience- it's what's learned just after you needed it most !!

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    Re: Catterpillars in my pool!!??

    Welcome to TFP!

    Please add your state to your location, climate is important when we are helping you with your pool.

    Step 1 get a great test kit. I have been buying mine from for years. Get the TF100 with XL option.

    Step 2 stay outta the pool store

    Step 3 scoop out everything with a net

    Step 4 add 1/3 jug of bleach to the pool daily and brush

    Step 5 read this, Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain while you wait for your test kit, this is how we kill algae

    Step 6 read this Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and this Pool School - Getting Started

    Step 7 post test results when your test kit arrives
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