I have a pebble-coated pool (about 24,000 gallons) and 2 skimmers and attached spa. I'm looking for a good suction-side cleaner that is cost effective. (Robotics are just too costly right now for my taste.) I like the idea of a moving drain (helps to better circulate the water by pulling the water from the floor and walls and costs little to run). I'd also like it to climb stairs and seats in my pool if possible to keep maintenance down.

I was just about to purchase a Hayward Navigator when a pool store worker said they wear out fast in pebble-coated pool surfaces. He suggested the G3 since is has only one moving and wearable part that was warranted for 2 years. When it wears out it is re-warranted for another 2 years. He said the Barracuda, although less moving parts than a Navigator as well and only one wearable part, it was not warranted the same way.

Is he right? Suggestions?