I'm having some issues with my POOL Pilot Digital (Model 75003). No matter what I try to clear the red error light still seems to come up with no text in the display. Sometimes it flashes and sometimes its steady. I remember being walked thru a reset procedure with a rep before and we got it working, but its acting up again and its a pain. I forget the procedure as well.

I have cleaned all the boards and contacts to make sure there was no junk causing this issue. I have cleaned the screen. I have cleaned the cell. I have pulled the display board out and cleaned it as well. I have re-set the ribbon cables, checked them for cracks and nada. Water temp was cold when I powered up this year. The weather was cold and wet and I have been told that would cause it to do this behavior in the past so I thought nothing of it.

However its now 90 and I should see something at this point. Anyone have any ideas?