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Thread: Should i be worried about electrocution?

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    Should i be worried about electrocution?

    When we bought our house, the previous owner had to get the pool back in working order as part of the purchase. I assume there was a light in the wall directly below the diving board, because now the liner is sucked into a perfectly round depression in that spot. Is there any way we can be shocked? How would I know if the electricity was properly removed from this area?
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    Re: Should i be worried about electrocution?

    Find the junction box to make sure that no wires go in the conduit to the light.

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    Re: Should i be worried about electrocution?

    Somewhere near the missing light, usually hidden in a planter, or near the equipment pad you ought to see something like this

    Pull the cover off. One side will have wires from a switch, the other should have nothing (except maybe a pull-rope if someone was kind) coming out of the conduit.
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    Re: Should i be worried about electrocution?

    Don't have anything like that. The only thing electrical around the pool is the box my pump timer sits in.

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    Re: Should i be worried about electrocution?

    If there was a light, there's a junction box somewhere. Sometimes it's in the diving board base under the diving board.

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    Re: Should i be worried about electrocution?

    If you are certain there isnt a J box, then the builder may have installed the conduit from the light housing all the way to the lgiht switch. Somewhere there should be a switch to turn the light on and off. Or perhaps a timer. If you can identify it, you can measure to see if there is any voltage.

    My pool light doen't have a J Box. They ran conduit all the way from teh light to the light switch at the pad.
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    Re: Should i be worried about electrocution?

    No switches anywhere. There is an Eaton pullout switch directly beside my pump timer which I assume cuts the power to the pump. That's the only thing I have outside in the backyard, assuming there isn't a box beneath the diving board. Will have to check tomorrow.

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