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Thread: FC holding steady while working TA and pH?

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    FC holding steady while working TA and pH?

    Hello all;

    First off I want to thank all of you for hanging out here and sharing your knowledge. Back in January we bought a house with a pool and I'm getting a handle on maintaining the pool. BTW, I fired the pool company three visits in, even as a complete rookie (but not stupid) I could tell they didn't know anything in particular...

    I've been working the pool's equilibrium for a couple of months, raising the CyA level from 20-30 up 60-70 range in order to minimize my Chlorine consumption. It was equilibrating at 1/2 gallon/day liquid 8.25% bleach. I ran it that way for a while and I appears I could go on indefinitely at that setup.

    I had noted some time ago that the TA was quite high around 200ppm. The pH of the pool had been fine though holding rock steady at 7.5-7.6 with the solar cover in place when the pool wasn't in use.

    Recently we decided to leave the cover off for a while (we don't really like the looks of the solar cover) and right away I noticed the pH starting to raise. In my area we get afternoon breezes and sometimes winds so I figured it was the natural processes of pool being aerated that caused the pH to increase.

    At about ph 7.8, I decided to take the opportunity to bring the pH down and attack the high TA at the same time. I began dosing the pool with Muriatic Acid and I've seen the pH move quickly, and the TA start to come down (it's down to 150 this morning). So that is working like I expected and I'll keep dosing with acid until the TA is down closer to a TFP target level.

    Here's the puzzle: my FC has started holding steady at 10ppm during this process and I don't under stand that. The pH has been held low as part of the TA attack (pH 7 - 7.2). I would have expected FC to continue being consumed at some rate...not 0ppm/day!

    So what is going on here?


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    Re: FC holding steady while working TA and pH?

    So what is going on here?
    I think it is temporary....just an oddity.

    FC is ALWAYS consumed when it is exposed to two things......either UV rays from the sun or organics in your pool water. The consumption rate of FC depends on those two things.
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